Cloud Apps


G Suite Business (TM) (in Japanese only)
All files are stored on the cloud indefinitely. You can access necessary files from a PC or smartphone any time you need to.

G Suite Basic (TM) (in Japanese only)
This is a cloud groupware service that lets you use mail, calendar, and other applications familiar to you for business.

Office365 with KDDI (in Japanese only)
This is a cloud service that lets you use Microsoft Office and other tools necessary for communication and work all in one place.

Business Card Management

KDDI Business Card Bank (in Japanese only)

Register business cards by using a mobile phone's camera function, a desktop scanner, or a multi-function printer.

Address Book

KDDI SMART Address Book (in Japanese only)

This business-specific cloud address book service comes with address book sharing, simple user management, and security features for your multiple devices.

Attendance Management

KDDI Mobirecorder (in Japanese only)

Achieve accurate attendance management with the combination of a cloud-based time recorder and a smartphone. The service reduces management labor and cost.

Transportation Expense Compensation

KDDI Smart Expense Compensation (in Japanese only)

Settle your expenses easily from your Web browser. You can input items from your smart device and reduce accounting while increasing speed.

Services Related to Cloud Apps

We provide a new way of Web conferencing and visually communicating that can be freely used for various purposes anytime, anywhere, and with anyone.