KDDI Internet Business WiMAX

Recommended for companies wishing to use a high-speed mobile communication environment!

Notice regarding termination of acceptance of new applications

As of February 20, 2015, new applications for KDDI Internet Business WiMAX are no longer accepted. Customers who are currently using the service may continue to use it.

Overview & Features

"KDDI Internet Business WiMAX" offers total solutions from communication terminals to Internet connections.

How "KDDI Internet Business WiMAX" solves your problems

We want to use a high-speed mobile communication network.

Compared with existing mobile data communication services, KDDI Internet Business WiMAX realizes a high-speed mobile communication environment with a maximum downlink speed of 40 Mbps [1] (and a maximum uplink speed of 15.4 Mbps [2]) and allows you to use broadband services with an "always-on" connection that does not require a dial-up connection.

  • [1]
    From Spring 2015, areas with a maximum downlink speed of 13.3 Mbps will be gradually replaced.
  • [2]
    The 15.4 Mbps maximum uplink speed for WiMAX may decrease to a maximum of 10.2 Mbps in or near WiMAX 2+ service areas.
  • This is a best-effort service. Note that the listed speed is not the actual communication speed, but the maximum value based on the technical standards. The actual speed may fall substantially short of the maximum for various reasons, including the customer's communication environment and network traffic conditions.

Outline of "KDDI Internet Business WiMAX"

Image: Outline of "KDDI Internet Business WiMAX"

  • The available method varies according to the plan applied for.