BREW(R) link


Initial charge

Installation charge ¥5,000

BREW(R) link basic rates


64Kbps ¥7,000
128Kbps ¥11,000
192Kbps ¥35,000
256Kbps ¥37,000
384Kbps ¥39,000
512Kbps ¥41,000
768Kbps ¥43,000
1Mbps ¥45,000
1.5Mbps ¥48,000
2Mbps ¥50,000
3Mbps ¥55,000
4Mbps ¥60,000
5Mbps ¥65,000
6Mbps ¥70,000
7Mbps ¥75,000
8Mbps ¥80,000
9Mbps ¥85,000
10Mbps ¥90,000
20Mbps ¥140,000
30Mbps ¥190,000
40Mbps ¥250,000
50Mbps ¥310,000
60Mbps ¥370,000
70Mbps ¥430,000
80Mbps ¥490,000
90Mbps ¥550,000
100Mbps ¥610,000

Access line charge (KDDI IP-VPN)

The charge for connection between the closest KDDI base station and customer office is incurred according to the connection type and contract item.
Exclusive access line charges for NTT are incurred in addition to the above charge.
In the case of using an IP-VPN connection, a remote access port charge is incurred on the network side, separate from the IP-VPN charge for access line.

Communication charge

Course used Compatible models Monthly charge Packet communication charge
EZ WIN Course W series [1], PENCK ¥300 ¥0.2/packet
  • [1]
    Only terminals that support BREW(R) can use this service.

"Packet Discount WIN", "Packet Discount WIN Super" and "Packet Discount WIN Middle" are also available as discount options.

Terminal authentication charge

If you are using terminal authentication, the following charge is incurred per terminal.

Terminal authentication charge ¥200/month
  • The number of terminals registered for authentication is counted by the month, and the highest number of terminals registered in a day is applied as the number of terminals the customer is billed for the month.
  • All of the indicated amounts exclude tax unless otherwise specified.