Overview & Features

au mobile phone + Browser –– Secure, low-cost mobile service offered by EZweblink

"EZweblink" is a service for accessing the intranet from an au mobile phone, using the Ezweb service. This service offers a closed mobile intranet environment with high security and economic efficiency.

System diagram of "EZweblink"

Image: System diagram

Four reasons for using "EZweblink"

  1. Reason 1Access the intranet easily from a mobile phone –– Simple access by entering the URL
    By using EZweb, users can access the intranet easily by just entering the URL. No mobile PC is required, so a mobile environment can be constructed at a low cost.
  2. Reason 2Packet charging –– Flat-rate data communication is available
    Packet communication from an au mobile phone is charged by transmitted and received data volume (packets) –– no more worries about connection time. In addition, with a subscription to "Double-Teigaku" or "Double-Teigaku-Light", you can use packet communication from a mobile phone at a flat rate. "Packet Discount WIN", "Packet Discount WIN Super" and "Packet Discount WIN Middle" are also available.
  3. Reason 3Terminal authentication service –– Registering the phone number of the device authorized for connection
    Using the optional terminal authentication service can enhance security. Please register the phone number of the terminal to permit connection through customer controlled operation.
  4. Reason 4Toll-free call service –– Choose between caller charging and recipient charging
    For EZ packet charges, you have the choice of having it charged to the recipient (Toll-free call service) in addition to the conventional caller charging method.

Communication speed

A downlink speed of up to 2.4 Mbps is realized for your stress-free data communication.

Max communication speed Model
Downlink Uplink
2.4Mbps [1] 144Kbps W series [2], PENCK
144Kbps 64Kbps A series [2], talby, INFOBAR
  • [1]
    In non-CDMA 1X WIN (EV-DO) service areas, max speed for downlink is 144 Kbps.
  • [2]
    Only terminals that support BREW(R) can use this service.
  • Due to the provision of service based on the best-effort method, communication speed is subject to the influences of the communication environment and traffic conditions.
    Even within the service area, data communication may not be available in locations with weak signals.

Remote access line

KDDI IP-VPN 64Kbps - 100Mbps