Initial cost

[Construction charge for EZweblink]
EZweblink construction charge ¥14,000
In-network interconnection point construction charge ¥1,000

Construction charge for IP-VPN installation is incurred in addition to the above charges.

EZweblink basic rates

The basic rate according to the line type and item used for the GW router is applied.


64Kbps ¥30,000
128Kbps ¥33,000
192Kbps ¥44,000
256Kbps ¥58,000
384Kbps ¥62,000
512Kbps ¥73,000
768Kbps ¥88,000
1Mbps ¥110,000
1.5Mbps ¥150,000
2 Mbps - 10 Mbps (for each 1M) ¥240,000
20Mbps ¥240,000
40Mbps ¥300,000
50Mbps ¥360,000
60Mbps ¥420,000
70Mbps ¥480,000
80Mbps ¥540,000
90Mbps ¥600,000
100Mbps ¥660,000

EZweb communication charge

The EZweb communication charge according to the subscriber plan the sender is on is incurred.

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Domain charge

Up to 3 URLs are free of charge. Charges are incurred for each additional URL from the fourth URL and on.

Domain charge
¥3,000/month per domain

Terminal authentication fee

If you are using terminal authentication, the following charge is incurred per terminal.

Terminal authentication charge
  • The number of terminals registered for authentication is counted by the month, and the highest number of terminals registered in a day is applied as the number of terminals the customer is billed for the month.


The charge for connection between the KDDI center and customer office is incurred according to the connection type and contract item.


  • All of the indicated amounts exclude tax unless otherwise specified.