KDDI Powered Ethernet

[Updated February 2017] Notice regarding additions and changes to service menu and the termination of acceptance of new applications and applications for changes

For KDDI Powered Ethernet, new applications and applications for changes are no longer accepted for DSL, or for ATM and High-Speed Digital in some areas. As of February 28, 2017, new applications are no longer accepted for Mega Data Netz. Customers who are currently using these services may continue to use them until the services are terminated.
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Overview & Features

No. 1 in wide area Ethernet use for 9 years running "KDDI Powered Ethernet" provides Private Leased Circuit-level high security

How "KDDI Powered Ethernet" solves your problems

With so many wide area Ethernet services available, it's hard to know which to choose

It's impossible to know how good a service is until you actually implement it. As the most selected wide area Ethernet service and the one that gives the greatest customer satisfaction, you can rest assured that "KDDI Powered Ethernet" is the right one for you.

We want to apply wide area Ethernet to our backbone network

KDDI wide area Ethernet provides a PLC level of high security with closed network and VLAN technology. Extremely reliable and boasting an actual uptime of over 99.999%, it is a service you can use without worry for your backbone network.

We want a low-cost wide area network

KDDI wide area Ethernet offers a simple pricing system that includes distance-independent access charges. The service increases bandwidth without additional costs, or cuts costs without dropping bandwidth.

What is "KDDI Powered Ethernet"?

KDDI Powered Ethernet, rated the leader in utilization for the last 11 consecutive years *, is a wide area Ethernet service that provides wide area mesh networks in a one-stop solution from backbones to access lines.

  • [1]
    Source: Nikkei Communication, October 2013, page 73, Corporate Network Survey 2013, "KDDI Powered Ethernet" is No. 1 in "Wide Area Ethernet Category" for 12 consecutive years

"KDDI Powered Ethernet" concept

Image: KDDI Powered Ethernet

Three reasons we recommend "KDDI Powered Ethernet"

  1. 1Excellent reliability -- Highest availability rate in Japan at over 99.999%
  2. 2One-stop solution from backbones to access lines -- Cooperation with local networks of national utility-based telecommunications carriers
    KDDI cooperates totally and closely with the local networks of national utility-based telecommunications carriers to offer one-stop solutions from backbone circuits and relay networks to access lines. Thorough support both when introducing Intranet services and in the event of failure, you can safely leave your business backbones to KDDI.
  3. 3Flexible response -- High level of freedom both at introduction and reconfiguration, and extensibility according to use
    In contrast to conventional networks which are linearly connected to PLC, KDDI's VPN multipoint-to-multipoint connection assures a high level of freedom, whether it is being introduced or reconfigured.
    KDDI Powered Ethernet can be used in conjunction not only with IP, but with a variety of protocols such as IPX, SNA, FNA, DEC and AppleTalk. Since it is also possible to use routing protocols such as RIP, OSPF and EIGRP, it can flexibly and extensively deal with network changes. The service displays daily, weekly and monthly graphs of traffic fluctuations by base. Extensions can be made according to use.
    With ample options such as the "Dual Access Service" that provides redundant access lines and the "Free Gateway Service" that offers a free gateway connection for IP-VPN, KDDI has realized the optimum wide area Ethernet to meet customers' needs.

Image: Flexible response

Advantages of introducing "KDDI Powered Ethernet"

  • Strategic utilization of information
  • Speedy decision-making
  • Reduced communication costs
  • Low TCO
  • Greater business efficiency
  • Improved reliability of network infrastructure
  • Reduction of burden on management divisions by centralized administration of IT infrastructure
  • Construction of optimum network environment