KDDI Powered Ethernet

[Updated February 2017] Notice regarding additions and changes to service menu and the termination of acceptance of new applications and applications for changes

For KDDI Powered Ethernet, new applications and applications for changes are no longer accepted for DSL, or for ATM and High-Speed Digital in some areas. As of February 28, 2017, new applications are no longer accepted for Mega Data Netz. Customers who are currently using these services may continue to use them until the services are terminated.
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Option Menu

Dual access service

KDDI's new proprietary system "SENS" (patent pending) makes it possible to enjoy dual access easily and at a reasonable cost. SENS achives a phenomenal reduction in recovery time and comes with an SLA guarantee that recovery time will be less than 10 minutes.

Free gateway

KDDI offers a free gateway connection for "KDDI IP-VPN" with a full range of access options.
This service allows to KDDI Powered Ethernet via various methods, such as mobile access using au and access for small-scale bases using FLET'S.

QoS service

A priority control service suited to media content that requires real-time delivery, such as VoIP, video conferencing and video transmission.