Announcement of Service Termination

The INMARSAT D Plus service was terminated as of Wednesday, December 31, 2014.
Inmarsat C is recommended as one of the good options for the replacement of the service.
For the details, please visit below:

Inmarsat C service

Communication Charges

Apart from the costs involved in purchasing the INMARSAT D Plus equipment, the following charges concerning usage will occur.

As of May 20, 2010

Charges incurred when the contract is made

Contract charges ¥15,000/terminal
  • This is the contract charges when you subscribe to the terminal with inclusive license as Japanese registered users. For users registered outside Japan, a registration charge of 10,000 yen (tax free) per terminal applies instead of the contract charge.

Monthly charges (tax free)

Communication charges ¥3,000/terminal
  • Communication charges are exempt from taxation.

Charges for additional functions (tax free)

Charges for a daily positioning report ¥1,000/month
Charges for SMS forwarding ¥1,000/month
  • A change processing fee of 800 yen will be needed when setting or changing additional functions.
  • Usage charges are exempt from taxation.
  • All of the indicated amounts exclude tax unless otherwise specified.