The NERA Fleet33 and Fleet55 are no longer available.
You can continue using your current equipment; however, the maintenance period of each device ended as shown below.

NERA Fleet33 December 31, 2014
NERA Fleet55 December 31, 2014

Overview & Features

INMARSAT Fleet allows you to use the telephone and the fax through telephone lines [1], and also the IMARSAT HSD service [2] and Internet packet data service [3] using the multimedia connection feature that is standard. INMARSAT Fleet equipments available are the F77, F55, and F33. Select the one you need for the maritime region where your ships operate or communication type. The main features are as follows.

  • [1]
    The ability to send faxes over telephone lines is an option offered by the manufacturers of the equipments.
  • [2]
    You can transmit data at speeds of 64 kbps or 128 kbps between communications terminals that are connected to an ISDN line from an SDN interface.
    You cannot use the HSD service from INMARSAT F33 equipment.
  • [3]
    Internet connection is possible through packet telecommunications at a maximum connection speed of 64 kbps.

Main features and specifications of INMARSAT Fleet equipments

Equipment types F77 Equipment F55 Equipment F33 Equipment
Communication types
Telephone, fax, data, HSD, Internet packet data Telephone, fax, data, HSD, Internet packet data Telephone, fax, data, Internet packet data
Fax transmission speed 2.4 kbps or 9.6 kbps 9.6kbps
Data transmission speed HSD 64kbps/128kbps [4] 64kbps
Packet 64 kbps bi-directional Maximum 64 kbps downlink/Maximum 28 kbps uplink
Coverage Global Beam Coverage (Spot beam coverage with HSD128 kbps) Telephone has global beam coverage, all others have spot beam coverage
  • [4]
    The INMARSAT F77 equipment must also be compatible with HSD128kbps in order to use this service.

Inmarsat HSD (in Japanese only)

Inmarsat Packet Data (in Japanese only)

For information about INMARSAT Fleet service areas, refer to "INMARSAT service areas" below.

INMARSAT service areas