Announcement of Service Termination

The INMARSAT M service was terminated as of December 31, 2014.
The following services are recommended as replacements for this service.

INMARSAT FB (FleetBroadband)
KDDI Optima Marine Service (in Japanese only)

How to Use

The following explains how to use the KDDI INMARSAT service from an INMARSAT M equipment.

  1. Turn on the equipment and face the antenna towards one of the satellites.
  2. Dial the KDDI Land Earth Station ID Number "003#."
  3. Dial the code that represents the direct-dial code "00."
  4. NNext, dial the country code followed by phone number or telex number. To call another INMARSAT equipment, dial the ocean region code for where it is located, and its ID number.
  5. Lastly, dial #.

The KDDI Land Earth Station ID Number

Ocean region Atlantic Ocean - West Atlantic Ocean - East Indian Ocean Pacific Ocean
Land Earth Station ID Number 003 003 003 003

Ocean region code

  Atlantic Ocean - West Atlantic Ocean - East Indian Ocean Pacific Ocean
Telephone, fax 870

"Specify all regions/870" is a new ocean region code for faxes and telephones that automatically connects to the region where the other party's INMARSAT equipment is located.

You can also use the following codes to access a variety of services, apart from the direct-dial code "00."

Code Service details Connection Information
00 (telephone only) Automatic connection (then enter the destination number) The other party's telephone handset  
12 (telephone only) Information KDDI operator  
32 (telephone only) Medical advice Medical organization  
33 (telephone only) Technical assistance KDDI operator (technology)  
38 (telephone only) Medical assistance Medical organization  
62 (telephone only) Medical advice KDDI operator  
91 (telephone only) Line test KDDI exchanger Tone return
  • From June 3, 2013, as with medical assistance communications by dialing 38#, distress calls, emergency calls and safety communications that originate from an INMARSAT B, M or Fleet terminal to the Yamaguchi LES are directly connected to the Japan Coast Guard, not via the KDDI operator. The method of making calls from ships remains the same.