End of service notice

As of December 31, 2015, new applications for the INMARSAT Mini M service are no longer accepted and the service will no longer be provided as of December 31, 2016.
As an alternative service, INMARSAT FB (Fleet Broadband) is offered.
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INMARSAT FB (Fleet Broadband)

In addition, INMARSAT BGAN is offered for onshore use.
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How to Use

A call card especially for INMARSAT Mini M equipments, the "INMARSAT card," has been made available by KDDI. The bills for communications charges are sent directly to the person holding the contract when you use the INMARSAT Card for calls. Using the card, you do not need to pay a service charge of 30 yen per call.

We ask for a 30,000-yen deposit when you apply for the card, but there are no contract or membership fees.

The following explains how to make a telephone call from an INMARSAT Mini M terminal.

  1. Insert the INMARSAT card into your INMARSAT Mini M terminal (proceed to the next step if you are not using an INMARSAT Card).
  2. Switch on the INMARSAT Mini M terminal.
  3. Enter your INMARSAT card PIN number (if you are not going to use an IMARSAT card, enter the terminal's PIN number).
  4. Face the antenna towards the satellite (not necessary when using ship-fitted devices) and prepare for transmission (enter the password for the Mini M terminal if you are not going to use an IMARSAT card).
  5. Dial "00," then the country code ("81" for Japan), the area code (excluding the first "0"), then the telephone number. For example, to call 03-XXXX-XXXX in Tokyo, enter as follows.


  6. Press the Start button.

You can also use the following codes to access a variety of services, apart from the direct-dial code "00."

Code Service details Connection Information
00 (telephone only) Automatic dial The telephone terminal of the addressee  
12 (telephone only) Information KDDI operator  
32 (telephone only) Medical advice Medical organization  
33 (telephone only) Technical assistance KDDI operator (technology)  
38 (telephone only) Medical assistance Medical organization  
62 (telephone only) Medical advice KDDI operator  
91 (telephone only) Line test KDDI exchanger Returns tone
  • All of the indicated amounts exclude tax unless otherwise specified.