How to Use

Using SatMail-C

  • The vessel base requires INMARSAT C equipment and the land base requires a connection to the Internet (i.e., through a computer).
  • An application of either user registrations or address registrations is required when customers on the land base use SatMail-C.
We will notify each customer of their user ID and password. You will then be able to access SatMail-C from any Internet terminal in the world using your ID and password. Invoices for the communication charges will be sent to the person making the contract.
The sender of the SatMail-C will be identified by their domain name (email address), so you do not need to enter your user ID and password. Invoices for the communication charges will be sent to the person who registered the address.
  • There is no need for any registration by the INMARSAT C on board vessels, so you can start sending from the vessel immediately.

How to send SatMail-C

When sending from the land, specify as the destination the INMARSAT C vessel ID number (a 9-digit number beginning with "4") followed by ""

In the case of user registration

  • Sending to an INMARSAT C vessel numbered 444101234, where the sender's user ID is JPBB1234, and the password is inmarsatc -
    Destination (mail address) -->
    User ID in the first line of the body of the message --> UserID:JPBB1234
    Password in the second line of the body of the message --> Password: inmarsatc
    Main message starts from the third line --> THIS IS INFORMATION …
  • After authentication of the sender, the user ID and password are deleted, and only the body of the message is sent. However, please note that when you send to more than one destination and an Internet user is specified as one of the addresses, the user ID and password will appear to the recipient.

In the case of address registration

  • Sent to an INMARSAT C ship numbered 44101234 -
    Destination (mail address) -->
    Main message starts from the first line --> THIS IS INFORMATION …
  • The method of entering multiple e-mail addressees depends on the mailing software. For details, refer to the instruction manual for your mailing software (for example, in case of Microsoft Outlook, addresses are separated by a semicolon (;)).
  • Only single-byte characters may be used in the message.

Sending from a vessel

  1. Select the code of the KDDI Land Earth Station.
  2. Specify "28" as the "SAC (Special Access Code)."
  3. In the text field, enter "TO:", "CC:", "SUBJECT:", etc.
Ocean region Pacific Ocean Indian Ocean Atlantic Ocean -
Atlantic Ocean -
KDDI Land Earth Station ID Number 203 303 103 003
  • Destination --> TO:;
    Copy --> CC:
    (…Leave a blank line…)
  • Separate the addresses with a semicolon (;) if you have multiple addressees.
  • Use 7-bit (or 8-bit) characters for transmission.