INMARSAT SB (SwiftBroadband)


INMARSAT SB (SwiftBroadband) is a satellite communications service for aircraft.
Installing an INMARSAT SB (SwiftBroadband) terminal on the aircraft allows you to use global voice communications, ISDN transmissions with a speed of 64 kbps, and standard IP and streaming IP packet data transmissions with speeds of up to 432 kbps.

  • The available transmission services and speeds vary depending on the type of INMARSAT SB (SwiftBroadband) terminal.
  • Standard IP communication is a best-effort service. If you require assured bandwidth, please use ISDN communications (64 kbps) or streaming IP services.
  • Voice communications and IP packet data transmissions can be used simultaneously.
  • To purchase an INMARSAT SB (SwiftBroadband) terminal, please contact the manufacturer or KDDI.
    Procedures related to the Radio Act may be required in advance. For details, please contact KDDI.

INMARSAT SB (SwiftBroadband) network configuration

Public internet, telephone, ISDN and other networks are connected via the fourth-generation INMARSAT satellite in orbit 36,000 km above the equator.

INMARSAT SB (SwiftBroadband) service area

  • With the addition of the MEAS satellite, which became formally operational on July 12, 2016, the current four-satellite system provides worldwide coverage.
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