INMARSAT SB (SwiftBroadband)

Communication charges

Contract charges (per contract)


  • Incurred only when making a contract.

Monthly basic charge (per contract) (exempt from taxation)

  S Plan
Monthly basic charge Not required
  • The monthly basic charge is exempt from taxation.

Communication charges (exempt from taxation)

  S Plan
Voice To fixed-line or mobile phone ¥480/min.
To INMARSAT SB/BGAN/FB/IsatPhone Pro (TM) ¥688/min.
ISDN ¥3,197/min.
Standard IP ¥1,503/MB
Streaming IP 32 kbps ¥1,373/min.
64 kbps ¥2,923/min.
128 kbps ¥5,842/min.
256 kbps and over ¥13,061/min.
Short Message ¥173/message
  • Communication charges are exempt from taxation.
  • The minimum charge time for voice communication and ISDN communication is 30 seconds, and for standard IP communication 100 kbytes.
  • ISDN communication is automatic communication.
  • Standard IP communication is a best-effort service. Transmission speed may decline depending on traffic conditions.
  • The minimum contract period is one month.
  • All of the indicated amounts exclude tax unless otherwise specified.