"UmiMail Service" is a mail service usable through satellite communications services like INMARSAT and IRIDIUM.

Network structural diagram (INMARSAT FleetBroadband/IRIDIUM OpenPort)

Figure: Network structural diagram (INMARSAT FleetBroadband/IRIDIUM OpenPort)


  • Setup is easy
    Anyone can easily install this service with the user-friendly installing wizard.
  • Contributes to communications cost reduction
    Automatic compressing of files and mail content reduces transmitted data size and communications costs.
  • Plentiful control functions
    A plentiful array of convenient control functions are available, like an alarm function that issues a warning before downloading a large file, or an alarm function that issues a warning when the mail inbox exceeds a designated data limit.
  • Compatible with the USA Electronic Notice of Arrival/Departure: e-NOA/D
    This service is standard and compatible for issuing the notice that is required by law when docking in the USA (e-NOA/D).
  • Anti-virus equipped (optional)
    Installing the anti-virus software NOD32 Antivirus protects the onboard IT environment against viruses.

Ample functions/display screen images

Capture: Line type setting screen

Capture: Communications log graph display screen

Capture: Alarm setting screen

Capture: Alert setting screen

Capture: Filter setting screen

Capture: e-NOA/D screen

Multi-user mode

  • You can set multiple mail accounts (sub-addresses) for one mail account (basic mail address).
  • The size of mail sent from the vessel is controllable, preventing excess transmission.
  • Because mail is sent from and received by the main computer hub, mail sent from client computers can be pre-checked.
  • Installing the anti-virus software NOD32 Antivirus [1] creates a virus free environment in all onboard client computers through an automatic updating function.
  • [1]
    NOD32 Antivirus is optional.


Figure: FleetBroadband

Existing E&E service

Figure: Existing E&E service

Specifications & functions

A computer with following operating environment is required to use this service.

OS Windows XP (SP2/SP3)/Vista/7/Server 2003/Server 2008
CPU 2GHz and over (multiple CPU recommended)
Memory 1Gbyte minimum
Hard disk 100Mbyte free space
Mail software MS Outlook 2003/2007/2010 (MAPI)