Iridium GO! (TM)

Overview & features

This service allows you to use Iridium satellite communications just by installing the dedicated app [1] to your smartphone or tablet [2], flipping up the antenna, and connecting to the Iridium GO! (TM) Wi-Fi router.
iOS and Android (TM) are both supported.
To use this service, place Iridium GO! (TM) in an outdoor location with a clear view of the sky [3], and point the antenna toward the sky. The device automatically [4] turns on. When a connection is established to a satellite, you can talk, or send and receive data using your smartphone or tablet as a satellite phone.
Wi-Fi communications can be established within approximately 30m from the Iridium GO! (TM) router, and up to 5 devices can be connected simultaneously (simultaneous call up to 1 connection.)
The Iridium GO! (TM) Wi-Fi router is waterproof (IP5X) and dustproof (IP6X) [5], and is also compatible with MIL-STD-810F military standards defined by U.S. Department of Defense for shock-resistant performance [6].

  • [1]
    Installation of the Iridium GO! (TM) app is required.
  • [2]
    Supported OS versions are iOS6.1 or later, and Android (TM) OS2.3.3 or later.
  • [3]
    The ideal environment is a location that has a clear view of the sky beyond an elevation angle of 8.2 degrees above the horizontal plane centered at the Iridium GO! (TM) antenna. Satellite signals may not be received when indoors, in a mountainous area, or in an area with obstacles such as tall structures or dense foliage.
    To use indoors, you must use in combination with an optional indoor antenna and antenna cable (sold separately).
  • [4]
    Power does not turn on if the battery runs out or the device is broken.
  • [5]
    IP65, the international standards that indicate dustproof and waterproof performance
    Dustproof standard 6 (protected against ingress of dust)
    Waterproof standard 5 (protected against water directly projected at all angles)
  • [6]
    There is no guarantee against every malfunction.
    U.S. Department of Defense testing standards (MIL-STD-810F)
    Temperature test: Operating temperature -20˚C to 60˚C / When not operating -30˚C to 70˚C
    Temperature shock test: Able to withstand rapid temperature changes
    Humidity test: Able to withstand a warm and highly humid environment
    Shock test: Able to withstand shock
    Drop test: Able to withstand 26 drops from a height of approximately 1m
    Vibration test: Able to withstand vibration

Notes on when using

  • Iridium satellite mobile phones do not support calls to emergency numbers (#110, #119 or #118) and toll-free numbers, free calls, pay-per-calls, and calls to special numbers in Japan.
  • Calls originating from Iridium satellite mobile phones may be indicated to the receiving party as anonymous (phone number is concealed). Your call cannot be connected if the receiving party's phone is set to reject anonymous calls.
  • A call made to an Iridium satellite mobile phone is equivalent to an international call using the 001 International Calling Service. No subscription is required for using 001 for International Calls from an au mobile phone.
    Open link in a new windowHow to make an international call
    • Opens the 001 international call web site
    To use the service from a non-au mobile phone, please apply to Free Call (0077-7160). After registration is complete, you can dial to an Iridium satellite mobile phone from your mobile phone by following the dialing procedure above. Calls cannot be made to an Iridium satellite mobile phone with the au International Calling Service beginning with "005345".
  • Satellite signals may not be received when indoors, in a mountainous area, or in an area with obstacles such as tall structures or dense foliage. To achieve uninterrupted communication, an environment with a clear view of the sky that allows the IRIDIUM satellite mobile phone to always be seen by multiple Iridium satellites is necessary.
  • Smartphones used through Iridium GO! (TM) are treated in the same way as Iridium satellite mobile phones.