In order to use the Iridium services, a contract for use of these services must be made in addition to the purchase of a Wi-Fi router.

Service contract charges (per contract)


  • Service contract charges are billed together with the initial communication charges.

Monthly basic rate (per contract) (tax free)

¥5,000 plan
Basic monthly rate ¥5,000
Includes free communication worth ¥1,000
  • Monthly basic rate is tax free.
  • From January 2016, the monthly charge for the month of cancellation will not be prorated and will be charged in full.

Communication charges (tax free)

¥5,000 plan
To landline or mobile phones ¥63/20 seconds
To Iridium satellite mobile phones ¥40/20 seconds
To other satellite mobile phones ¥572/20 seconds
Incoming calls Free
Outgoing SMS message (per 160 characters) [1] ¥58/mail
Incoming SMS message [1] Free
  • [1]
    Japanese characters may be unreadable in incoming SMS messages on iOS devices.
    As of December 1, 2014. Researched by KDDI.
  • Data communications charges and communications charges to satellite mobile phones subscribing to WIDESTAR satellite telephone service are charged at the same rate as calls to landline or mobile phones.
  • Communication charges are exempt from taxation.
  • All of the indicated amounts exclude tax unless otherwise specified.