FREE CALL DX is a highly functional service that call recipient is charged the cost of the calls. KDDI helps you seize business opportunities through convenient additional services and easy to remember FREE CALL numbers.


Number portability

Benefit from the KDDI FREE CALL service without changing your current 0120 number.

Number portability is a system that allows you to change your telephone company without changing your toll-free call service number [1]. As the switch-over between telephone companies can be done instantaneously, it doesn't even interrupt ongoing calls.

Image: Number portability

  • [1]
    The following 7 service providers participate in the number portability system: SoftBank Corp., NTT Communications, NTT East, NTT West, UCOM, Rakuten Communications , and KDDI (as of December 1, 2015).
  • Switch-over with number portability is available for numbers starting with 0800 as well.
Your phone number stays the same
  • No need to notify customers of a number change.
  • Keep benefiting from the recognition you have built.
  • Be listed in TOWNPAGE and HELLOPAGE and included in "104" directory assistance.

Reduction of communication costs

Calling charges can be dramatically reduced by combining the FREE CALL DX service with KDDI Hikari Direct that directly connects customers and KDDI network via an optical line!!

Figure: Reduction of communication costs

Discount services available for NTT network users

Discount services

Build the call reception system perfectly matches your individual needs.

Actualize an efficient call reception system with the specific combination of services that meets your particular needs.

  • Contact a service representative regarding ways to combine add-on services.

Expense management is efficient.

Usage fee assessment and separate billing is possible for each recipient phone number, making expense management efficient.

  • Contact a service representative for details.

Add-on service setting changes are easy.

Customer Control lets you easily change settings for add-on services via your computer. And, there are no hassles to worry about like software installation.

  • Usage requires equipment such as a computer, modem, and web browser.

Collect traffic data.

Customer Control lets you perform detailed traffic data collection.
This information can be used as reference data for decisions to allocate operators or increase lines.

Enjoy complete assurance with a total maintenance and support system.

To prepare against natural disasters and accidents, the network is redundant and equipped with a 24 hour surveillance system. The maintenance system is a total system in the unlikely case that it is needed. Also, KDDI supports our customers using FREE CALL DX with a help desk exclusively for Customer Control.

  • All of the indicated amounts exclude tax unless otherwise specified.