FREE CALL S allows callers to make calls without incurring calling charges Calling charges are incurred by the recipient.



FREE CALL S is a call recipient charge service for numbers that begin with "0120" and "0800". This service supports your business opportunities by letting you use easy to remember toll-free numbers.


Number portability

Benefit from the KDDI FREE CALL service without changing your current 0120 number.

Number portability is a system that allows you to change your telephone company without changing your toll-free call service number [1]. As the switch-over between telephone companies can be done instantaneously, it doesn't even interrupt ongoing calls.

Image: Number portability

  • [1]
    The following 7 service providers participate in the number portability system: SoftBank Mobile Corp., NTT Communications, NTT East, NTT West, UCOM, Rakuten Communications, and KDDI (as of December 1, 2015).
  • Switch-over with number portability is available for numbers starting with 0800 as well.
Your phone number stays the same
  • No need to notify customers of a number change.
  • Keep benefiting from the recognition you have built.
  • Be listed in TOWNPAGE and HELLOPAGE and included in "104" directory assistance.

Convenient plans

Various reasonable rate plans are available to match your usage needs.
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Various features

Choosing your own number and other convenient optional services are available for free.
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Definite results

Read success stories from customers who achieved cost reduction and increased business by introducing this service.
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Select a FREE CALL number starting with 0120 or 0800 [2].

Choices for 10 digit phone numbers

0120-911(Choose from among: 911, 921, 922, 923, 924, 925, 926, 929, 933, 944, 959, 977, 983, 984, 985, 988, 993, 994, 995, 996)-XXX

Choices for 11 digit phone numbers

0800-123(Choose from among: 080, 123, 300, 500, 700, 777)-XXXX

  • [2]
    FREE CALL numbers that are already in use are not available.
  • All of the indicated amounts exclude tax unless otherwise specified.