Optional Services

KDDI offers an assortment of convenient optional services with free registration fees and basic monthly rates.

Accepted Caller Terminal Selection

This service lets you choose to accept or refuse calls from mobile phones (080 and 090), PHS phones (070), public phones, and general subscribed phones.

image: Accepted Caller Terminal Selection

  • You cannot set calls to be accepted only from public phones.
  • If you do not apply for this service, you will not be able to receive calls from mobile phones and PHS phones, but you will be able to receive calls from subscribed phones.
This service is convenient for:
  • Expanding your business opportunities by accepting incoming calls from mobile phones and PHS phones, which are seeing a dramatic rise in subscriber number.

Caller Area Limit

This service allows you to accept/refuse incoming calls only from pre-designated areas.

image: Caller Area Limit

  • The incoming call area designation is selectable by telephone number or area name (block, prefecture, or MA: message area). Detailed setting among each area in Japan is possible. Telephone number designation is selectable among area codes from 2 to 6 digits.
  • You can handle calls from areas outside the set areas via a network announcement.
This service is convenient for:
  • Perfect for offering area specific service in relation to the contracted party business area (marketing promotions, etc.)
  • Blocking calls from areas you do not wish to serve.

Caller Area Guidance

Before a FREE CALL goes through, this service plays an announcement for the caller side stating that the caller is making a FREE CALL and for the recipient side notifying where the call is coming from etc. by voice (selectable from 19 patterns).

  • Calling rates are charged during caller area guidance (fixed network announcement) announcement play time, too.
  • The announcement plays 1 time for the recipient side and repeats for the caller side according to recipient side announcement length.

image: Caller Area Guidance

This service is convenient for:
  • Determining whether an incoming call is a FREE CALL or normal call and preparing a corresponding response before answering a call.
  • Identifying the caller location to give region specific service.

First Schedule " Reception Location Change

Designate your reception location to change depending on the time, day of the week, or date to fit your schedule. Also, you can play an announcement for calls outside of business hours.

image: First Schedule " Reception Location Change

This service is convenient for:
  • Taking calls in Tokyo during weekday business hours and handling calls during night hours and non business days via a consigned company or announcement.

Customer Control

Easily change the settings for any of the above optional services from your own computer.

  • Usage requires equipment such as a computer, modem, and web browser.

image: Customer Control

This service is convenient for:
  • Situations like quickly changing the recipient location to match incoming call conditions.