FREE CALL is a service that allows you to receive calls free-of-charge to your customers, on numbers such as 0120-xxx-xxx. You can choose from two services, "FREE CALL S" and "FREE CALL DX," according to your particular needs. For example, you might want to use the service at one office only, or perhaps you want to construct a large-scale call center.

"FREE CALL S" includes only the minimum necessary functions and comes at a reasonable basic monthly rate, offering an inexpensive alternative to FREE CALL DX. The service offers simple and popular functions at low cost, such as setting of reception hours, and the ability to set whether or not to accept calls from a mobile phone.

FREE CALL DX offers an abundance of optional functions such as redirecting connection destinations in accordance with push-tone numbers, and playing announcements when lines are busy. This service can meet the needs of a broad range of business customers.


Choose FREE CALL S if you require simple functions and use the service only at one place. The basic monthly rate is ¥1,000(¥1,050 with tax).



Choose FREE CALL DX if you require abundant functions to meet a diversity of needs, or if you use the service at multiple places.



  • 0120 and 0800 are available! KDDI offers easy-to-remember numbers.
  • Save up to 40% with a discount plan that matches the way you use the service.
  • Number portability is supported. Benefit from the KDDI FREE CALL service without changing your current 0120 number.

Two services to help you build the perfect reception system

KDDI offers two types of FREE CALL services.
"FREE CALL S" offers only basic necessary functions at a reasonable price.
"FREE CALL DX" offers a wide range of advanced functions.

We recommend "FREE CALL S" for people who:

  • Want to pay a low basic monthly rate
  • Want to limit reception hours and play announcements outside those hours
  • Want to limit incoming calls from certain areas (e.g., only the Tokyo metropolitan area)

We recommend "FREE CALL DX" for people who:

  • Want more complex settings and controls than those of "FREE CALL S"
  • Want to construct call centers at multiple places
  • Want to flexibly change connection destinations (e.g., push-tone 1 to Tokyo office and push-tone 2 to Osaka office)
  • Want to distribute phone calls to different call centers in proportion to the number of operators available at each call center
  • Want the option of playing announcements for waiting callers when phone lines are busy

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