KDDI Hikari Direct

KDDI's optical fiber service is used as the access line to provide IP phone service to corporate customers.


The high quality IP phone service "KDDI Hikari Direct" cuts communications costs with an IP network.

What is "KDDI Hikari Direct"?

KDDI Hikari Direct is a high-quality IP phone service that uses KDDI's optical fiber service as the access line and KDDI's IP network as its backbone. KDDI Hikari Direct provides high-quality IP phone service with a wide range of add-on services while allowing customers to use their current phones and phone numbers, and it provides inexpensive Internet access.

KDDI Hikari Direct network configuration example (for 9 or more channels)

KDDI Hikari Direct network configuration example (for 9 or more channels)

KDDI Hikari Direct network configuration example (for 8 or less channels)

KDDI Hikari Direct network configuration example (for 8 or less channels)

Service Description

Phone contract

Each contract includes one phone number (an 0AB - J number [1] or 050 number).
More phone numbers and channels [2] can be added to the contract at a later time.

  • [1]
    0AB - J numbers are conventional fixed-line phone numbers with an area code such as 03 (Tokyo) or 06 (Osaka).
  • [2]
    The number of channels means the number of simultaneous connections to external lines.
  • KDDI Hikari Direct 0AB - J numbers can make calls to emergency numbers, but 050 numbers cannot.

For details on connectable numbers, refer to the chart below.

Download PDF fileConnectable/non-connectable number list (237KB) (in Japanese only)

Devices at customer location

You can continue using your current PBX and telephones. [3]
Adapters are available for rent from KDDI. [4]
There are five types of adapters to choose from depending on your PBX interface: COT, BRI, PRI, ODT and TTC2M.

  • [3]
    Certain communication devices may not operate properly with the service. For details about your particular devices, contact the manufacturer or retailer.
  • [4]
    You may also provide your own IP-PBX or adapters instead of using KDDI's rental adapters.
    For details about equipment that is compatible with KDDI Hikari Direct, contact a KDDI sales representative.
  • Network devices such as routers may be required depending on the number of adapters or if you are using an Internet option.
  • Use a router that meets your audio quality standards.

Self Page

Customers subscribed to KDDI Hikari Direct can check or change their contract details and check their usage fees from the Self Page.

  • A Self ID and password are required when logging in to the Self Page. For information about the Self ID and password (for first-time users), see "Getting Started (initial notification)".
  • Internet Explorer 5.5 (IE5.5) is no longer available due to change of the server certificate. In addition, if you are using the Self Page with Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) on Windows XP or Windows Vista, you need to change the Internet Options setting.
    For details on how to change the setting, refer to "Regarding devices (PCs)" on Page 3 in the Self Page manual below.