KDDI Hikari Direct

Add-on Internet Service

This is a constant Internet connection service with a maximum communication speed of 1 Gbps [1] using a static IP address.
An IP phone and Internet are integrated into one line, reducing communication costs significantly.

  • [1]
    The maximum communication speed varies depending on the type of an access line.
    This service is a best-effort service. Note that the maximum communication speed is not the actual communication speed, but the maximum value based on the technical standards. The actual speed may fall substantially short of the maximum for various reasons including customer's communication environment and traffic conditions.

Add-on IP Phone Service

Service Name Function Overview
Pilot With this service, an incoming call to the pilot number is received by a line that is not busy.
Multiple incoming calls can be received at the same time.
Dial-in This service notifies the customer's communication device of the telephone number that receives an incoming call. In addition to the contracted number, additional numbers are available.
Calls made to the direct number of each recipient or division can be received.
Originating Call Number Display When using a device that supports the Originating Call Number Display service, the caller's phone number is shown on the display before you answer the phone.
You can check who the caller is before answering the phone.
Caller ID Request When receiving a call from a number with a hidden caller ID, this service plays a voice message requesting the caller to call back with the caller ID displayed.
Incoming calls with hidden caller IDs can be blocked.
Incoming Call Rejection This service rejects incoming calls from phone numbers that you register in advance.
Unwanted calls from specified callers can be blocked.
Call Forwarding Service This service forwards incoming calls to a phone number that you specify in advance. Select from "unconditional forwarding", "busy-line forwarding", or "scheduled forwarding", based on your needs.
The "busy-line forwarding" and "scheduled forwarding" functions can improve your work efficiency.
Batch Forwarding Service [2] With this service, incoming calls to multiple contracted phone numbers can be collectively forwarded to a pre-designated phone number.
The ability to collectively forward many numbers makes it easier to switch between sites or recover from disasters.
Backup Forwarding This service automatically forwards incoming calls to a pre-designated phone number in the event that you are unable to receive calls to due a line failure, disaster, or other cause.
The service contributes to your business continuity plan (BCP) by achieving automatic forwarding and automatic recovery in the event of a failure.
Free Call Number Notification [3] When making calls, this service displays a pre-designated toll-free number to the recipient.
This enables you to provide your toll-free contact number (such as an 0120 number) to the other party whenever you call them.
Intelligent Functions This service offers flexible operations for incoming calls to a fixed-line telephone.
A wide range of functions, including call allocation and announcements for calls received outside office hours, contributes to improving your work efficiency.
Recording Functions [2]
(in Japanese only)
This service records incoming and outgoing calls to and from KDDI Hikari Direct phones. With a separate contract for Office Mobile Phone Pack, au mobile phone calls can be recorded as well.
The service contributes to solving various issues, such as adherence to compliance standards and improvement of customer satisfaction.
  • [2]
    May not be available for some lines.
  • [3]
    This service can only notify the other party of the FREE CALL DX and FREE CALL S numbers (0120/0800) that you are using.