KDDI Hikari Direct

Features & Benefits

KDDI Hikari Direct fulfills your communication needs as described below.

We want to lower our calling costs.

Various price plans are available to suit your communication environment.
You can greatly reduce your communication costs by selecting the optimum service for your needs.

Free calls to KDDI-IP phones! Calls to KDDI-IP phones in other offices or even outside your company are free of charge.

Lower calling rates! Uniform low rate for calls to general subscriber phones anywhere in Japan

  • [1]
    With subscription to au Mobile Call Reception Discount.
We want to save money while using smartpones and cloud services.

Smart Value for Business Save more when using au smartphones!

With a subscription to KDDI's Basic Pack cloud application service package, au smartphones [2] under the same corporation name as the one specified in the KDDI Hikari Direct contract receive a smartphone usage fee discount of up to ¥1,410 [3] per month for up to 2 years.

  • [2]
    Limited to smartphones with a subscription to IS Flat or Plan F Simple/Plan F.
  • [3]
    Permanent discount of ¥910/month + Discount of ¥500/month for up to 2 years. The number of au smartphones that receive the discount corresponds to the number of IDs specified in the Basic Pack contract, and shall not exceed 50 au smartphones per fixed line.
  • Smart Value (R) is the registered trademark of EMC Co., Ltd.
We want to continue using our current communication environment without making any changes.

Number portability [4] is supported, enabling you to continue using your same number, even when switching from another telecommunications operator. If you require a new phone number instead of keeping your current number, KDDI will provide one.

  • [4]
    For precautions about number portability, refer to the information at the link below.

Number portability

We want to improve our work efficiency.

A wide range of add-on services and highly compatible related services are available.
You can achieve greater work efficiency by using these services in combination with each other.

Backup forwarding (in Japanese only) KDDI Business Call Direct (in Japanese only) FREE CALL DX (in Japanese only)

Benefits of using KDDI Hikari Direct

  • Reduce communication costs
  • Reduce TCO
  • Enhance network infrastructure reliability
  • Construct the optimum voice network
  • All of the indicated amounts exclude tax unless otherwise specified.