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KDDI Global Content Accelerator

Recommended for customers aiming to improve web performance and reduce server load!

Overview & Features

KDDI Global Content Accelerator is a content delivery service that uses the service of CDNetworks.
Using edge servers located in more than 80 cities and 30 countries worldwide, the service provides efficient and stable content delivery.

  • This service is provided through collaboration between CDNetworks and KDDI.

Figure: KDDI Global Content Accelerator System Image

KDDI Global Content Accelerator consists of the services described below.

Content Acceleration

This service boosts website performance.
Speed is improved with advanced cache functions that deliver static (cacheable) content from the edge servers closest to the end-users. In addition, the geographically distributed network of edge servers ensures stable content delivery during unexpected traffic surges or if there is ever any trouble at a particular edge server or delivery point.

Dynamic Web Acceleration

This service is the best solution for improving the performance of websites and web applications distributed across the globe. By utilizing advanced cache functions and optimizing communication protocols between content providers and their users, the performance of dynamic (non cacheable) content, two way communication, and uploads, are improved.

Cloud DNS

Cloud DNS is a highly reliable cloud-type DNS service. Reliable and scalable DNS service is provided from 23 DNS servers distributed around the world.

China Acceleration (Optional Service)

This service supports the high-speed delivery of content to China, where web performance is relatively low. CDNetworks is the only global CDN provider that possess their own delivery platform enabling high performance in China.