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Voice Wholesale Services

Delivering global solutions with global partners for over 50 years

KDDI, the Leading Network Provider in Asia

Active in over 170 countries, we cover the world.

Figure: Active in over 170 countries, we cover the world.

Flexible One-Stop Solutions

  • Our customized solutions fit your needs. We go beyond in-house resources, bringing in products and services offered by our many business partners.
  • We have over 50 years of experience in providing international communications services. We leverage the partnerships we have created with communications companies around the world to provide wide-area, high-quality services. From contracts to billing, operations maintenance to inquiries, we can deliver true one-stop solutions.

KDDI, a World-Leading Voice Wholesale Carrier

KDDI is a leading company in the global voice wholesale market with 600 partners transmitting 14 billion minutes a year. Once connected to our global voice network, you can instantly acquire worldwide ability to send and receive voice traffic.

Figure: KDDI's Global Voice Network