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Services & Features

au mobile phones offer wide support for your various business scenarios

Services for Businesses

Do your mobile phones have trouble connecting within your office?
Get a response from us within 24 hours. Contact us for a consultation!
Enter your company name into the au mobile phone mail addresses for business purposes.
Achieve an unbounded workstyle with one au mobile phone that can be used anytime, anywhere. Phone numbers and calling charges function just like a fixed-line phone.
This business service allows you to use 0AB - J numbers and 050 numbers on au mobile phones.
This service rejects unnecessary incoming mail by collectively setting incoming mail policies for au mobile phones per group.
This security service enables you to manage Internet access from au mobile phones.

International Services

Open link in a new windowau International Calling FLAT
* Opens the au homepage
This service provides a flat rate for international calls from au (in Japan) to countries and regions covered by the service.
  • For calls up to 15 minutes in length (up to 50 calls per month).
au World Service (in Japanese only)
au World Service lets you connect to overseas carrier networks and use their communications services (including phone calls, mails and Internet).
  • "GLOBAL PASSPORT" has changed its name to "au World Service" from May 31, 2016.
Open link in a new windowau International Phone Service
* Opens the au homepage
This service allows you to easily make international calls from your au mobile phone by only adding 010. No registration required.
Open link in a new window001 International Mobile Talk
* Opens the au homepage
001 International Mobile Talk is a service that allows you to easily make international calls from your mobile phone (including phones from other carriers).
Open link in a new windowInternational SMS
* Opens the au homepage
Send text messages to an overseas mobile phone from an au mobile phone by entering its phone number.

Mail Services

E-Mail (in Japanese only)
Recommended for corporations that want to use au mobile phones for business even more!
SMS (C-Mail) (in Japanese only)
Subscribe to SMS (C-mail) and Business Discount, and employees with au mobile phones can message each other for free.

Data Communication Services

Open link in a new windowau Wi-Fi SPOT
* Opens the au homepage
Comfortably use your smartphone or tablet even when out of the office with au Wi-Fi SPOT. Supports high-speed mode (5GHz). Overseas use available as well.
Open link in a new windowTethering Option
* Opens the au homepage
This option allows you to use your 4G LTE smartphone or tablet as a Wi-Fi router.