Mobile Solutions

We have various mobile solutions that utilize au mobile phones.

Mobile Solutions

A package that allows you to use cloud apps optimized for you business on smart devices at a monthly charge per ID.

A support site for online purchasing of smart devices and outsourcing services of device management.

A total outsourcing package service where KDDI provides support from the introduction to the operation of smart devices.

This service offers security measures and allows you to centrally manage remote settings, asset management, and more.

Schedule and client management on one screen! This all-in-one application speeds up your business. This application also supports au smartphones.

This is a cloud business chat tool that lets you have group chats, manage tasks, and manage files from a smartphone or PC.

This is a service where you commission KDDI staff with technical expertise and knowledge to handle management related to communications.

Middleware that achieves the development and use of applications utilizing Microsoft(R) .NET Framework from an au mobile phone.

This service simultaneously transmits disaster and evacuation information that is delivered by national and local organizations to specified areas without being affected by network traffic.

Extension Solutions

This service connects au mobile phones and office phones with extension numbers. With KDDI phones, you can connect between multiple locations nationwide. Calling charges are also at a flat rate.

Unlimited calling between au mobile phones and KDDI phones for registered groups of phones. This flat-rate service is recommended for business customers with employees who make many calls between each other.


Area WiMAX Total Solution (in Japanese only)
This service offers powerful support for the new business of telecommunication carriers looking to expand business areas. This reliable all-inclusive solution provides support from construction to operation of wireless base stations.

Services no longer available for new applications

This advanced location information service allows you to acquire the current location of an au mobile phone in real time.
This is a packaged ASP service with various convenient functions that you can use for your business scenarios like security measures and emergency contacts.