Business Convenient Pack

Recommended for businesspersons with heavy mobile phone usage and for bases with many sales representatives!

Notice regarding termination of acceptance of new applications and the end of the service

As of July 1, 2016, new applications for Business Convenient Pack are no longer accepted. As of March 31, 2018, the service will no longer be provided. Customers who are currently using the service may continue to use it until it ends.
As an alternative service, KDDI Smart Mobile Safety Manager is available.
Click the link below for details.

KDDI Smart Mobile Safety Manager (in Japanese only)


SSL certificates used in the service server for Business Convenient Pack will be upgraded to SHA-2, the successor of the current algorithm with higher encryption strength, due to the security trends. Because of this upgrade, some models will not be able to communicate with the server on November 1, 2016, and they will no longer be compatible. For details, see "Business Convenient Pack / GSP MAP - List of Compatible Models per Function"

Operating requirements (in Japanese only)

Overview & Features

"Business Convenient Pack" ––ASP service packaging functions for enhanced security and improved business efficiency

"Business Convenient Pack" offers the following solutions to meet your needs

We want to prevent personal information from leaking through loss or theft of a mobile phone containing customer data.

When an au mobile phone is lost, data saved in that mobile phone is deleted by remote control from an administrator PC. The privacy settings of au mobile phones, which conventionally are set by the user, can be established stringently according to corporate policies.

We want to ensure that our email messages are received in times of emergency.

Emergency messages can be sent collectively to members from the administrator PC. The administrator PC also has functions that can check whether the email is received and whether the message has been opened. In addition, au mobile phones can send a reply message to the administrator PC.

Employees should be able to know each other's situation immediately to improve business efficiency.

By sending your status, such as "meeting" and "travel", to your au mobile phone, other au mobile phones as well as the administrator PC can check your status.

We want to readily use applications and access websites (URLs) that are frequently used on au mobile phones.

Applications and websites that are frequently used can be easily accessed from the Icon menu. The Icon menu can be configured as you like from an administrator PC.

What is the "Business Convenient Pack"?

"Business Convenient Pack" is an ASP service packaging functions useful for business, such as for emergency measures and messaging among employees. The packaged services include useful functions for improved security and business efficiency, such as deletion of data in mobile phones from an administrator PC when they are lost, collective transmission of emergency messages to the au mobile phones of members (employees registered as users) from an administrator PC, and sharing of member status (in meeting, traveling, etc.).

Three reasons for using the "Business Convenient Pack"

  • Reason 1Low cost ––ASP-type service offers diverse functions at a monthly rate

    "Business Convenient Pack" is an ASP-type service that offers diverse functions at a reasonable monthly rate. Easy to install, with just au mobile phones and a PC connected to the Internet. Low initial cost. No software installation required.

  • Reason 2Easy setup ––Add and delete members at will

    This service is available within 2-3 weeks from application. After registering the information of au mobile phones from the administrator PC, setup is completed just by downloading the dedicated application on the au mobile phones. The settings can be configured freely on the customer side. Addition and deletion of members is quick.

  • Reason 3A myriad of usages ––Useful in business situations as well as in emergencies

    This service supports various needs, including support for loss of mobile phones, thorough implementation of security policies for mobile phones, swift and sure responses to emergencies, immediate check of members' status, and improvement of the operability of mobile phones. "Business Convenient Pack" offers utility in daily business operations.

Benefits of introducing the "Business Convenient Pack"

  • Reduction of information leak risks
  • Improved business efficiency
  • Speed-up of decision-making
  • Effective use of travel time