Business Convenient Pack

Notice regarding termination of acceptance of new applications and the end of the service

As of July 1, 2016, new applications for Business Convenient Pack are no longer accepted. As of March 31, 2018, the service will no longer be provided. Customers who are currently using the service may continue to use it until it ends.
As an alternative service, KDDI Smart Mobile Safety Manager is available.
Click the link below for details.

KDDI Smart Mobile Safety Manager (in Japanese only)


SSL certificates used in the service server for Business Convenient Pack will be upgraded to SHA-2, the successor of the current algorithm with higher encryption strength, due to the security trends. Because of this upgrade, some models will not be able to communicate with the server on November 1, 2016, and they will no longer be compatible. For details, see "Business Convenient Pack / GSP MAP - List of Compatible Models per Function"

Operating requirements (in Japanese only)


Initial cost

Charge is per contract.

Charge type Service charge
Registration fee ¥1,000
  • Packet communication charge of approximately ¥2,500/device (¥0.2/packet) is incurred when downloading the dedicated app.
  • Packet communication charge varies depending on the communication status of your mobile phone.
  • Packet communication charge to be incurred when downloading the mobile phone app may change without notice due to upgrade of the app.

Monthly charge

Charge type Service charge
Basic monthly rate ¥500/contract
Additional PC ID charge ¥500/ID
Mobile phone charge ¥100/device
Center Push charge [1] ¥2/time
  • [1]
    Center Push is charged by metered rate.
  • Registration fee is incurred for new registrations.
  • Calling charges and packet communication charges are not included in the above.
  • Basic rate includes one ID.
  • Mobile phone charge is discounted.

Mobile phone charge large-lot discount service

Mobile phone charges are discounted according to the number of mobile phones subject to monthly billing.

Number of mobile phones Discount rate
100-299 phones 10%
300-499 phones 20%
500-999 phones 30%
1,000-1,999 phones 40%
2,000 phones or more 50%
  • No prior application is required. Discount is applied according to the number of mobile phones subject to monthly billing.

Example of use and charges

One hundred employees are using this service. Three branch offices exist, and the service is used on PCs (operation and viewing) at each branch office. Center Push is used by each mobile phone at a rate of twice per day (1 month is calculated as 20 business days).

Charge type Service charge Subtotal
Basic monthly rate ¥500 ¥500
Additional PC ID charge ¥500 x 3 ¥1,500
Mobile phone charge ¥100 x 100 ¥10,000
Large-lot discount -¥10 x 100 -¥1,000
Center Push charge ¥2 x 4000 times ¥8,000
Total - ¥19,000

Charge for one phone is ¥190/month

  • All of the indicated amounts exclude tax unless otherwise specified.