KDDI Business Call Direct

Features & Benefits

KDDI Business Call Direct solves the requirements outlined below.

We want to contact employees easily, wherever they are in Japan.

You can add au mobile phones as extensions, so employees can be contacted by dialing their extension number, regardless of where they are in Japan.

We want another contact method for when we are unable to speak on the phone.

In situations where it is not possible to speak on the phone, such as while traveling or during a meeting, you can easily send an SMS to the same extension number as that for voice calls.

Calling charges for voice calls between employees vary depending on whether they are using office extension phones or mobile phones, making it difficult to manage communication costs.

With this service, no charge is incurred for calls between au mobile phones, calls between office extension phones and au mobile phones, or SMS that are sent or received.

We want to contact other offices in addition to our own.

An extension phone network can be established between au mobile phones and other offices. The flat-rate calling charge is also applied to such calls.

Eight reasons for using KDDI Business Call Direct

  • Reason 1Extension calling is available nationwide -- Extension calls can be made between au mobile phones and office phones anywhere within Japan!

    You can make calls to extension phones at your office anywhere within the au mobile phone service area in Japan. Office workers can also get in touch with other workers who are outside the office, by dialing their extension numbers.

  • Reason 2SMS function improves usability -- SMS can be sent/received using extension numbers!

    SMS can be sent/received using the same extension number as that for voice calls. Note that KDDI phone users can also send and receive SMS on a web page exclusively for computers [1].

    "SMS via extension" function

  • Reason 3Cost reduction -- Extension calls and SMS communications are free of charge!

    In a group including au mobile phones and KDDI phones [2], no charge is incurred for voice calls and SMS between au mobile phones and extension phones at an office (including those at other offices) [3].

  • Reason 4Connection between multiple offices -- Extension calls can be made within and between offices!

    If you use au mobile phones and KDDI phones [2], extension calling is available not only within one office, but also between offices. This extension network can also be integrated with your own network.

  • Reason 5Simple operation with the au mobile phone model of your choice [4] -- Select your own au mobile phone model and make a call with a simple operation!

    Customers can choose from a variety of au mobile phones according to their needs. To make an extension call, simply enter the extension number and press the call button.

  • Reason 6Optimal introduction -- Utilize existing equipment to reduce initial and operational costs!

    You can greatly reduce the amount of equipment investment by using your own PBX [5]. In addition, a wide variety of KDDI phone services [2] is available, enabling you to select the line that is most efficient for the size of your PBX.

  • Reason 7Reduction of travel costs -- Audio conference calls are charged at a flat rate!

    By combining this service with the KDDI Audio Conference Service, the Audio conference service can be used from au mobile phones and KDDI phones at a flat rate.

    KDDI Audio Conference Service Linkage Function

  • Reason 8Disclosure of landline phone numbers -- Office phone numbers that start with 03, 06 or other numbers can be used with an au mobile phone!

    By combining this service with au Office Number, you can disclose your office landline phone number to another party when making a call from an au mobile phone. You can use an au mobile phone selectively for use inside and outside the office.

    au Office Number (in Japanese only)

  • [1]
    To use the web page exclusively for computers, the User ID issued with each landline extension number is required.
  • [2]
    Limited to KDDI Hikari Direct, au Hikari Business (The service is called "au HIKARI Chura Business" in Okinawa, and "au HIKARI Business Commufa" in the Chubu area), KDDI Hikari Direct over Wide Area Virtual Switch, KDDI-IP phone, KDDI METAL PLUS (for business use), and KDDI Hikari Direct over Powered Ethernet. MYLINE services (MYLINE, MYLINE PLUS) are not applicable.
  • [3]
    Except for outgoing calls from KDDI METAL PLUS (for business use) phones and incoming calls to KDDI landline phones. However, a flat rate is applicable if you subscribe to the Business Call Flat Rates (between KDDI phones) separately.
  • [4]
    Although this service is available with most models, some models do not support this service. Please contact our sales staff for details.
  • [5]
    Refer to "Compatible PBX" for details about compatible PBX products.

Results achieved by introducing KDDI Business Call Direct

  • Improve business efficiency
  • Streamline communication between employees
  • Reduce communication costs
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Shift to a more efficient work style