KDDI Business Call Direct

"SMS via extension" function

SMS can be sent/received using the same extension number as that for a voice call provided under the KDDI Business Call Direct service. This service is also available for workers who work in an office and don't have a mobile phone. These workers can send and receive SMS on a web site exclusively accessible from a PC after acquiring User ID to be linked to an extension number on a landline phone system.

Figure: SMS via extension

Features and Advantages

Extension numbers are usable for SMS communications.
SMS can be sent/received without changing the current extension numbers used for standard phones. Of course, this function is free just like extension calling.
Secure environment
As this function offers secure environment with no junk mail, a phone number and URL can be specified in the text of SMS.
Also usable on PC
SMS function becomes usable on PC once you acquire User ID. Besides, convenient functions exclusively available on PC can be used.

Useful Functions

  1. 1. If you access to a web site exclusively accessible from a PC, the following functions are also available.

    Image: 1. Function to send SMS to multiple users simultaneously – You can send a message to up to 100 recipients at once. 2. Function to notify you of an incoming message – When you receive an incoming SMS, you will receive a call to an extension number on a landline phone system which has been linked to your User ID. 3. Function to notify a recipient when you open a message – When you open a received SMS, a recipient will be notified via SMS.

  2. 2. In addition to the "SMS via extension" function usable between au mobile phones and PC, the distribution API function is also offered. By using this API, you can send SMS from your system to au mobile phones contracted for the KDDI Business Call Direct as well as a web site exclusively accessible from a PC.

List of services supporting "SMS via extension (distribution API)" function

Manufacturer's name Supported model
NEC Corporation
NEC Infrontia Corporation
Logo: NEC Infrontia Corporation

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(Available from early August 2011)
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