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In our business, KDDI is involved with all of our stakeholders including customers, shareholders, business partners, employees and their families and the local communities. KDDI considers all stakeholders involved in its business activities as its customers, and conducts various activities geared toward fully satisfying, and providing a new experience to eliminate inconveniences for each stakeholder.
We also use the GRI (G4), SASB, IIRC, ISO26000, and other global CSR standards and checklists created from items from hearings with Investors. Using these, we create and implement policies that address the analysis of our current conditions and issues. In addition, KDDI conducts stakeholder dialogue with the Executive Officer of CSR Environmental Sustainability as the person in charge. Through such dialogue, we incorporate the opinions and demands of stakeholders to build schemes for making further improvements. More precisely, the results of engagement efforts are not only reported and shared within the company, but also reported at various committee and management meetings, and reflected in the decision-making process depending on the degree of importance. KDDI values the dialogue with all our stakeholders who have given us their support.
We will continue to build up collaboration with our stakeholders and proactively address the issues facing society to contribute to the development of a truly connected society.

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KDDI endeavors to participate and play a leadership role in initiatives and organizations inside and outside Japan in order to contribute to the development of an affluent communications-oriented society.

Initiative Position
International Standardization of Telecommunications
(Radio Sector)
  • RRB Chair
  • SG4 Vice-chair (Satellite Communications)
(Standardization Sector)
  • SG3 Chair (Rates & Policy)
  • SG9 Chair (Video Transmission & CATV)
  • SG17 Vice-Chair (Security)
GSM Association Director
Building a Safe and Secure Society
Japan Smartphone Security Association
Vice Chairman/Director
Accessibility Consortium of Enterprises
Conservation of the Global Environment
ICT Ecology Guideline Council -