Material Issue: Governance
Offering Reliable Information and Communications Services

KDDI's Approach

Recognition of Social Issue

In an advanced information society, communications services are the most important lifeline. The disruption of this lifeline due to natural disaster or cyber-terrorism can be a major factor behind a downturn in society and the economy itself. KDDI has an obligation to support local communities in which people can live with peace of mind by continuing to provide reliable communications services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

KDDI's Risk and Opportunity

  • Our company value will drop if we fail to provide communication services for any reason, even reasons like natural disasters or cyber-terrorism.
  • We believe that providing communications services continuously in the midst of unforseen events will lead to the support of society and the economy and thus result in the rise of our company value.

KDDI's Management

As the operation system for large-scale disasters, we have a business continuity plan (BCP) in place and conduct a Disaster Agreement with the Ministry of Defense and the Japan Self-Defense Forces.
Furthermore, the KDDI Security Operations Center is responsible for detecting, analyzing, and providing protection against cyber attacks in which they have a 24 hour/365 day system where they are aware of the communications conditions. With these robust systems, KDDI can quickly respond to any disaster or terrorism.
With regard to information security, we have established the KDDI Group Information Security Standards established by the Information Security Committee with which each company in the group outfits their operation systems. We are also strengthening governance throughout the KDDI Group in our efforts to improve management efficiency and transparency, and ensure a strong and stable management base. Also KDDI has established a system with the Corporate Risk Management Division at its core that promotes internal control activities. Its aim is to create a corporate structure that makes it hard to create risks. The KDDI Code of Business Conduct sets the basic policies for compliance that every executive and employee must adhere to, and efforts are made to promote the spread of the basic policies.


・Disaster Response Regulations
Security Policy
KDDI Code of Business Conduct (Basic Principles)
Download PDF fileBasic Policy for Constructing an Internal Control SystemBasic Views on the Internal Control System and Progress of System Development (Corporate Governance Report) (1.7MB)

Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

FY2016 GoalFY2016 Result
Rate of issues improved extracted from 2015 company-wide disaster response training100%100%

FY2017 Goal

  • Rate of issues improved extracted from 2016 company-wide disaster response training: 100%

The Main Target Stakeholders and the Issues


  • Provide networks that offer smooth connections anytime anywhere
  • Maintain networks during a disaster and achieve early recovery
  • Strengthen group governance

Highlights of FY2016 Activities

Recovery Support in Times of Disaster

When a disaster happens, many people try to use their phones to check on the safety of family and friends or for relief activities in the disaster area, so that there is an explosive increase in demand for mobile phones and smartphones. KDDI has built disaster-resistant communication networks so that we can meet the demands of our customers, and in the event that our networks get damaged, we have developed a secure and well-prepared system for quick recovery in all parts of Japan.

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Future Issues

  • Build a system for fast and accurate information collection in afflicted areas
  • Build a collaborative network that includes external stakeholders in the event that communications are cut off in afflicted areas
  • Further strengthen the satellite network environment by making use of stationary marine satellite antennas

Detailed ESG Version

Corporate Governance

We streamline operations and boost its transparency, so that it can increase its corporate value and continue to grow dynamically.

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Management and Improvement of Network Quality

In order to provide stable high quality communications services, we are performing various policies, such as management of communications facilities and conditions under management systems.

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Download PDF fileDetailed Governance part separated from Integrated report can be found here (796KB)
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