KDDI's Approach to CSR

KDDI Philosophy

The KDDI Philosophy indicates the type of company we aim to become and expresses the attitudes, values and behavior that employees need to exhibit in order to reach our goal. The KDDI identity and KDDI vision that we must embrace as a telecommunications operator are incorporated throughout. We aim to establish the KDDI Philosophy so that it underlies the behavior of all employees.

KDDI's Approach to CSR

Putting the KDDI Philosophy into Practice and Contributing to the Development of a Prosperous Communications-Oriented Society

By putting the KDDI Philosophy into practice, KDDI aims to be a company that is appreciated and trusted by all its stakeholders. KDDI recognizes that as a telecommunications operator that provides social infrastructure, it has the important social mission of providing stable services that are available 365 days a year, regardless of conditions. Furthermore, we understand that the telecommunications business involves utilizing radio waves and other important assets of the Japanese people. Accordingly, it is our responsibility to aim high and contribute to society by addressing the numerous issues that society faces. The KDDI Philosophy describes the sort of company that we need to become and the attitudes that employees of such a company need to maintain.

KDDI Business Activities and Social Responsibility

The foundation of our business operations is the provision of stable telecommunications services. KDDI’s CSR activities, which support the provision of such services, include TCS (a mechanism for listening to customers) and other stakeholder engagement, CSR procurement, promotion of diversity and BCP response. Recognizing the impact on society of not only our business activities but also the CSR activities that underlie them, based on our value chain, will be increasingly important for KDDI’s social responsibility. Viewing the numerous social problems that occur in each link of the value chain, such as the digital divide, mobile phone and internet-related crime, and environmental burden, as risks, we are pursuing various CSR activities through our business operations aimed at solving these problems. By promoting CSR activities both through our operations and in support of our operations, KDDI will achieve both "business growth" and "development of a sustainable society."

Creating Society Together

To put the KDDI Philosophy into action, going forward we will continue to value dialogue with all of our stakeholders - customers, shareholders, business partners and regional communities. We will also build up collaboration with our stakeholders and proactively address the issues facing society in our aim to contribute to the development of a prosperous communications-oriented society.

CSR Promotion

Promotion System

In October 2005, we created the CSR Management Department (currently the CSR & Environment Management Department) in our General Administration Department to promote CSR activities from an objective viewpoint. At the same time, the department works to raise employee awareness of CSR through in-house training, our company newsletter and our intranet. The department also promotes social contribution activities, having created an environment that makes it easy for employees to participate in volunteer activities.
Furthermore, the KDDI Environment Committee has created an integrated system to debate and promote policies and planning related to the environmental conservation efforts of KDDI and its Group companies and affiliates.

CSR Promotion Activities

In FY2013 we worked aggressively to review and make improvements according to our self-evaluation of some 250 items based on the 7 core subjects addressed by the ISO 26000 global standard pertaining to social responsibility and the analysis of our CSR activities against this list. This process was used to formulate the KDDI CSR procurement policy enforced in February 2014. Furthermore, we will actively pursue dialogue and other types of interaction with stakeholders, reflecting their opinions and comments in our future CSR activities.
In FY2014 we will work to review materiality based on GRI-G4 guidelines to further promote CSR activities.

Principal Channels for Dialogue with KDDI Stakeholders

KDDI perceives all stakeholders as its customers, and conducts various activities geared toward fully satisfying all of these stakeholders.

Stakeholder Engagement

In FY2008, KDDI identified "4 material issues for CSR." As part of this initiative, we entered into dialogue with various experts, receiving advice on our activities. In FY2013, we engaged in dialogues with stakeholders themed on the core subjects of ISO 26000 and participated in the United Nations workshop on human rights, and in FY2014 we referred to this input when setting objectives for each department.

Stakeholder Engagement