CSR Targets, Achievements, and Issues

CSR Targets, Achievements, and Issues in Fiscal 2013

The chart below provides an overview of principal targets and achievements during FY2013 and reports our main targets for FY2014.

[Evaluation standard]
A+: Significant achievements made on the issue
A: Certain achievements were made
B: Action was taken, but with no achievements
C: No achievement was made or no action was taken

FY2013 FY2014
Targets Primary Achievements Rating Primary Issues
Organizational Governance Improve promotion of CSR activities
  • Promote awareness among all employees through in-house newsletters (6 times a year) and e-learning (twice a year)
  • Engage with stakeholders (human rights, environment and consumer issues)
  • Strengthen our system for promoting CSR activities
Consumer Issues Strengthen large-scale disaster response measures
  • Establish No.2 Chikura Submarine Cable Relay Station to introduce 4G LTE-compatible wide-zone base stations for disasters and build a disaster-resistant global network
  • Sign a Disaster Agreement with the Ministry of Defense
  • Establish a verification and improvement system through disaster response training, including training open to the public
  • Conduct demonstration trials of shipboard base stations, boosting disaster response capabilities that are unaffected by land-based disasters
  • Increase number of KDDI Mobile Phone Learning Classes held and improve quality
  • Enhance user support targeting seniors
  • Meet customer demands by improving network quality and providing stable information and communications services
  • Further strengthen large-scale disaster response measures
Increase number of KDDI Mobile Phone Learning Classes held and improve quality
  • Conducted Safety and Security Seminars 3,186 times in FY2013 with approx. 550,000 participants (62% more than in FY2012)
  • Revise the program to respond more closely to schools' needs
Provide equipment that is easy for seniors to use and provide user support
  • Provide courses for seniors aged up to 70 (202 times a year with approx. 4,300 participants)
  • Total sales of au mobile phones equipped with Smart Sonic Receiver (R) for voice transmission by sound and vibration passed 1 million
Respond quickly to customers' requests to increase network quality and provide stable services
  • Achieve 4G LTE population coverage rate of 99%
  • Create scheme for employees to improve quality in KDDI service areas
Provide reliable networks and increase communications quality
  • Introduce countermeasures and prepare a system to prevent the recurrence of major accidents leading to the disruption of communications
Environment Roll out Third Medium-term Environmental Conservation Plan
  • Respond to Scope 3 (Implement 2 out of 15 items)
  • Use externally oriented Web sites to provide information on used mobile phone recycling activities
  • Conduct appropriate material recycling for disused equipment resulting from bandwidth reorganization
  • Establish systems in various regions of Japan to promote environmental conservation
  • Roll out Third Medium-term Environmental Conservation Plan (Strengthen Scope 3 response)
  • Promote environmental preservation activities in regions throughout Japan
  • Reinforce environmental conservation
Promote environmental communications
  • Conduct e-learning for all employees with regard to the Third Medium-term Environmental Conservation Plan (once a year)
Human Rights and Labor Practices Cultivate and promote diverse human resources and formulate related measures
  • Cultivate and promote female leaders
  • Introduce mission grade system
  • Support for LGBT
  • Conduct "Workplace Survey of Employees with Disabilities"
  • Issue "Guidelines on Communication with Employees with Hearing Disabilities"
  • Provide training for local recruits overseas and conduct personnel exchanges
  • Further promote diversity (achieve numerical targets for female managers)
  • Improve social dialogue and workplace environment
  • Enhance internal communications
Improve social dialogue and workplace environment
  • Hold dialogue with labor union (total 32 times a year)
  • Conduct awareness survey of all employees
  • Participate in corporate accessibility consortium
  • Hold forums and seminars for employees who have taken childcare leave
Enhance internal communications
  • Establish KDDI Philosophy (861 study meetings in FY2013 with total participation of 39,309 employees)
  • Hold award ceremony for President' s Award, MVP Award, Operational Quality Improvement Prize, etc.
Fair Operating Practices Enforce KDDI CSR procurement policy
  • Consider content, formulate and enforce
  • Promote CSR procurement policy
  • Augment information security
  • Promote measures to eradicate compliance-related accidents
  • Promote risk management
Strengthen information security further
  • Put in place standards at KDDI Group companies based on the "KDDI Group Common Information Security Standards"
Promote risk management
  • With regard to risks in the operating environment, reduce risks, support operational improvements, and conduct internal audits on 28 important items
Strengthen and promote measures to eradicate compliance-related accidents
  • Hold regular Business Ethics Committee meetings
  • Conduct group training and e-learning on compliance (26 times a year)
Community Involvement and Development Continue implementing disaster relief efforts
  • Support region affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake
    (employee volunteers, educational support, etc.)
  • Activities of Reconstruction Support Office
  • Expand disaster area support through collaboration
  • Create new social value by strengthening relations with local communities
  • Contribute to development of the international community through the utilization of ICT
Foster stronger ties with local communities
  • Through the "+ɑ Project," increase employee-participatory regional community contribution activities
    (highest number of points ever)
  • Conduct career training for junior high school, senior high school, and university students
    (total 10 times)
Contribute to sustained growth of the global community through the use of ICT
  • Provide support services for venture companies
  • Through the KDDI Foundation, support efforts to overcome the digital divide and provide technological expertise in developing countries