Material Issues

| Policy | Material Issues (KDDI Group)

By determining and implementing four CSR material issues based on various matters in all our business activities and global social issues, we contribute to the sustainable development of society and growth of our business.

Offering Reliable Information and Communications ServicesCreating a Safe and Secure Information and Communications SocietyVitalizing the Company by Developing a Diverse WorkforceInitiatives to Conserve the Global Environment

Process for Identifying and Reviewing Material Issues

Social Issues and the Four Material Issues for CSR

| Infusion | Dissemination of Material Issues for CSR (KDDI Group)

KDDI works to disseminate designated materials issues for CSR throughout the entire group (responsible department: KDDI CSR & Environment Management Department).
Furthermore, we hold proactive dialogues with stakeholders, and apply the opinions and advice obtained from them to the promotion of future CSR activities.

Target scope of material issuesMeasures for dissemination
Inside companyKDDI and 165 group companies
  • Spread awareness through the intranet and internal newsletters
  • Implementation of e-learning
Outside companyBusiness partnersSpread awareness through the "KDDI CSR Procurement Policy" and "KDDI Guidelines for CSR in Supply Chain"

| Policy and System | Review of Material Issues for CSR (KDDI)

In 2008, KDDI identified material issues for CSR. However in recent years, the state of society has seen major changes such as the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the adoption and effect of the Paris Agreement. As such, we are currently reviewing our material issues and reconfirming whether they are in line with the current state of society.
For the determination of CSR issues, we verified issues from two axes―the "effect on stakeholder evaluation and decision-making" based on the GRI Standards and the "impact KDDI has on society, the environment, and finance." In this verification we used stakeholder evaluation as the focal point and centered on the SDGs. During the verification process, we identified and mapped our current material issues and business activities and their relationship to the 17 SDGs and 169 targets.
The relevance of the new material issues will next be verified through dialogues with external experts and the engagement of various stakeholders, and in FY2017, the formulated material issues will be released from which KDDI will spread them throughout the company to conduct business activities with the awareness of contributing to the SDGs.

| Activity |  KDDI's Contribution to SDGs (KDDI)

Since January 2017, KDDI has acted as a director of GSMA, which represents mobile telecommunications operators worldwide. GSMA has made their approaches to contribute to the 17 goals laid out in SDGs. Using the big data kept by telecommunications operators when disasters occur, they started the "Big Data for Social Good" initiative to contribute to humanitarian aid in February 2017, involving KDDI as well.