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CSR Targets, Achievements, and Issues

CSR Targets, Achievements, and Issues in Fiscal 2014 and reports our main issues for FY2015 and their measures.

The chart below provides an overview of principal targets and achievements during FY2014 and reports our main issues for FY2015 and their measures.

[Evaluation standard]

  • A+: Significant achievements made on the issue
  • A: Certain achievements were made
  • B: Action was taken, but with no achievements
  • C: No action was taken

FY2014 FY2015
Targets Primary Achievements Rating Primary Issues and Measures
Environment Roll out Third Medium-term Environmental Conservation Plan
  • Excluding improvement of the recycling rate of general waste material, we are progressing at a pace that will achieve the FY2016 targets for power consumption amount, power consumption amount per subscriber, zero emissions for dismantling of communications equipment, recycling rate of used mobile phone material, etc.

Issue: Create initiatives for achieving KPIs (Medium-term Environmental Conservation Plan) and begin considering the Medium-term Plan for FY2017 and beyond

Measure: Execute the Third Medium-term Environmental Conservation Plan (strengthen approach of supply chain)

Understand the supply chain issue
  • Respond to all 15 items of Scope 3 (calculate and verify all 15 items for FY2012 and FY2013)

Issue: Strengthen Scope 3 response

Measure: Calculate all items of Scope 3 for FY2014 and consider future reduction measures by understanding the trend of the past 3 years

Promotion of biodiversity conservation
  • Promote environmental conservation activities nationwide

Issue: Create new initiatives for biodiversity conservation

Measure: Conduct surveys of endangered species on land owned by KDDI

Reinforce environmental communication
  • Implement mandatory e-learning program from all employees on the subject of environmental regulations surrounding KDDI (1 time per year)
  • Implement stakeholder engagement with experts (environment)

Issue: Strengthen environmental communication

Measure: Continue implementing stakeholder engagement with experts (environment)

Society Further promote diversity
(Female managers and achievement of targets)
  • Progression rate of cultivation and recruitment of female leaders at the end of FY2014 (female line managers: 74; comparison rate of female line managers: 5.7%)
  • Implement IT education for persons with disabilities and continued educational activities related to LGBT

Issue: Further promotion of diversity

Measure: Achieve target for female line managers by the end of FY2015 (KPI: Female line managers: 90; Comparison rate of line managers: 7%)

Measure: Continue IT education for persons with disabilities and LGBT educational activities

Improve society dialogue and workplace environment
  • Dialogues with unions (total of 18 times a year)
  • Implement awareness survey for all employees (extract and improve issues)
  • Promote mental health care
  • Ensure safety and health in developing countries

Issue: Further improve society dialogue and workplace environment

Measure: Promote improvement activities through stakeholder dialogue

Expand disaster area support through collaboration
  • Disaster relief for areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake
    (Implement tablet classes led by volunteer employees, support IT education for the Otsuchi Scallop Fishermen's Union, etc.)
  • Activities of the Reconstruction Support Office (dispatch employees to municipalities)
  • Hold the KDDI Reconstruction Support Marche (Market) (Fukushima, Miyagi)

Issue: Implement continued support activities that acknowledge the needs of disaster areas

Measure: Support activities by the Reconstruction Support

Measure: Expand disaster relief that utilizes IT

Measure: Hold the KDDI Reconstruction Support Marche (Market) (Iwate)

Create new social value by strengthening relations with local communities
  • Expand society contribution activities of regions by employees by utilizing the +ɑ Project (achieved highest number of points ever in FY2014)
  • Implement career education for junior high and high school students (total of 8 times)

Issue: Strengthen relations with regional communities by further invigorating employee volunteer activities

Measure: Set new record for social contribution activities by employees (+ɑ Project)

Contribute to development of the international community through the utilization of ICT
  • Provide support services for venture companies
  • Provide support for closing the digital divide and technology to developing countries through the KDDI Foundation

Issue: Continue contributing to the sustainable development of the global society by utilizing ICT

Measure: Expand range of support for venture companies

Measure: Provide support for closing the digital divide and technology through the KDDI Group

Improve quality of KDDI Mobile Phone Learning Classes
  • Implement 3,283 security and safety lectures with about 570,000 participants (3% increase compared to last year)
  • Revise programs so they respond precisely to the needs of schools

Issue: Further improve quality of KDDI Mobile Phone Learning Classes

Measure: Create and provide learning materials that respond to the latest society issues

Expand usage methods and support for seniors
  • Implement lectures for seniors roughly under the age of 70 (200 times per year with about 3,600 participants)
  • Release the first smartphone for seniors
  • Conduct awareness activities for measures against money transfer scams

Issue: Close the digital divide (seniors)

Measure: Establish tablet classes for seniors

Issue: Strengthen response to measures against money transfer scams

Measure: Develop products

Governance Strengthen our system for promoting CSR activities
  • Promote purchasing activities based on the KDDI CSR Procurement Policy
    (Implement CSR procurement survey with response rate of 72%)
  • Educate all employees using the company newsletter (5 times per year) and e-learning (20 times per year)

Issue: Promote CSR activities externally

Measure: Promote purchasing activities based on the KDDI CSR Procurement Policy (further improve response rate of CSR procurement survey)

Issue: Promote CSR activities internally

Measure: Strengthen system for promoting CSR activities (implement continued educational activities for management and all employees)

Further strengthen large-scale disaster response measures
  • Hold training drills of BCP measures (all executives participate) (2 times per year)
  • Sign the Disaster Agreement from the Ministry of Defense
  • Improve verification and system by holding disaster countermeasure training drills that include public training
  • Expand disaster countermeasures that disaster conditions on land do not affect KDDI, such as demonstration experiments on shipboard base stations
  • Install infrastructure equipment that can withstand disasters (data centers, etc.)

Issue: Provide stable services continuously 24 hours a day and 365 days a year even during times of large scale disasters

Measure: Hold training drills of BCP measures where all executives participate 2 times per year, and further extract and create measures for issues

Measure: Continue demonstration experiments through collaboration with stakeholders

Measure: Strengthen disaster countermeasures of KDDI infrastructure equipment

Meet customer demands by improving network quality and providing stable information and communications services
  • Launch the VoLTE service and release devices that support it
  • Improve signal conditions by analyzing the Area Quality Information Transmission Function

Issue: Improve network quality by responding to customer demands and provide stable information communication services

Measure: Continue to reflect the opinions of stakeholders in services through committees that include management

Provide reliable networks and increase communications quality
  • Promote measures and system preparation to prevent the recurrence of major accidents leading to the disruption of communications

Issue: Further improve the highly reliable network communication quality

Measure: Prepare and execute internal systems that prevent communication disruptions

Enhance internal communications
  • Spreading of the KDDI Philosophy (in FY2014, informational sessions for all employees were held 833 times with a total of 36,953 participants)
  • Hold the 2nd KDDI Sports Festival (about 2,200 participants attended including management, employees, and their families)
  • Hold awards ceremonies to award the President's Prize, MVP Prize, Operational Quality Improvement Prize, etc.

Issue: Strengthen internal communication

Measure: Continued activities to spread the KDDI Philosophy

Measure: Hold the 3rd KDDI Sports Festival

Augment information security
  • Implement inspections of KDDI Group companies for compliance with KDDI Group Information Security Standards
  • Educate all employees through e-learning programs

Issue: Strengthen information security

Measure: Implement PDCA for information security management

Measure: Continued information transmission and awareness activities for employees

Promote risk management
  • Provide support for the reduction of significant risks and support for improvement of business operations in consideration of the business environment, and implement internal inspections

Issue: Promote risk management

Measure: Continue re-evaluating details

Promote measures to eradicate compliance-related accidents
  • Periodically convene the Business Ethics Committee for the entire KDDI Group
  • Implement group training and e-learning programs relating to compliance
  • Strengthen governance by holding informational sessions for the KDDI Philosophy

Issue: Promote and strengthen measures for the eradication of compliance accidents

Measure: Strengthen and expand the details of the Business Ethics Committee