KDDI's Approach to CSR

| Policy | KDDI's Approach to CSR

In order to promote its corporate philosophy of "contributing to the development of a prosperous communications-oriented society", KDDI recognizes that as a telecommunications operator that provides social infrastructure, it has the important social mission of providing stable services that are available 365 days a year, regardless of condition.
We believe that CSR is the axis needed to carry out this mission. Furthermore, we understand that the telecommunications business involves utilizing radio waves and other important assets of the Japanese people. Accordingly, it is our responsibility to aim high and contribute to society by addressing the numerous issues that society faces. The KDDI Philosophy describes the company that we need to become and the attitudes that employees of such a company need to maintain.

KDDI Philosophy

The KDDI Philosophy expresses the attitudes, values and behavior that employees need to exhibit in order to achieve our corporate philosophy. The KDDI identity and KDDI vision that we must embrace as a telecommunications operator are incorporated throughout. By putting the KDDI Philosophy into practice, we aim to be a company admired and trusted by all stakeholders.

| Issue Awareness | KDDI Business Activities and Social Responsibility

The foundation of our business operations is the provision of stable telecommunications services. KDDI's CSR activities, which support the provision of such services, include TCS (a mechanism for listening to customers) and other stakeholder engagement, CSR procurement, promotion of diversity and BCP (Business Continuity Plan) response. Recognizing the impact on society of not only our business activities but also the CSR activities that underlie them, based on our value chain, will be increasingly important for KDDI's social responsibility.
Viewing the numerous social problems that occur in each link of the value chain, such as the digital divide, mobile phone and internet-related crime, and environmental burden, as risks, we are pursuing various CSR activities through our business operations aimed at solving these problems. By promoting CSR activities both through our operations and in support of our operations, KDDI will achieve both "business growth" and "development of a sustainable society."

| Management | CSR Promotion

In October 2005, we created the CSR Management Department (currently the CSR & Environment Management Department) in our General Administration Department and established a system to promote company-wide CSR activities from an objective viewpoint. We have implemented activities to address our various stakeholder, which include safety and security seminars geared toward the youth to avoid mobile phone problems; activities to close the digital divide among seniors; explanations of CSR activities for investors; making employees aware of CSR activities through in-company training; creating an environment where employees can easily participate in volunteer activities; and activities to support the restoration of the Great East Japan Earthquake.
In the efforts to promote diversity, in April 2008, we established the Diversity & Inclusion Department in the Human Resources Department, and we have established company-wide initiatives to promote the advancement of female employees and employees with disabilities as well as initiatives to promote different working styles.
Furthermore, the KDDI Environment Committee has created an integrated system to debate and promote policies and planning related to the environmental conservation efforts of KDDI and its Group companies and affiliates.
In FY2015, we will establish the KDDI CSR & Environment Advisory Committee whose responsibility will be to create systems to report and discuss the latest CSR developments with management on the subjects of human rights, occupational health and safety, the environment, preventing corruption, and other themes facing KDDI and Group companies.
For our procurement system, we also implement procurement activities based on the KDDI Procurement Policy, Green Procurement Policy, and other polices.