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The Company is fully committed to undertaking fair and timely disclosure in an easily understandable manner of any information that could have a material bearing on the investment decisions of investors. Such disclosure is conducted on an ongoing basis, and is focused on the requirements of shareholders and investors. The Company's policy in this regard is in line with the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and the Securities Listing Regulations of Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. governing the timely disclosure of information concerning the issuers of publicly listed securities. KDDI discloses its IR Basic Policy [1] on its website, explaining such matters as fundamental thinking regarding IR activities and the system for disclosing pertinent information. In particular, KDDI has set up a Disclosure Committee that concentrates on determining what information should be disclosed with the goal of improving business transparency and supplying appropriate information to the public.

  • [1]
    Matters to be decided by the Board of Directors.

IR Basic Policy

KDDI places top management priority on building a trusting relationship with its shareholders and investors, ensuring value-oriented corporate management, active information disclosure, and enhanced communication.

Three IR Activity Guidelines

Through IR based on the activity guidelines outlined below, we strive to build long-term, trust-based relationships with shareholders and investors, as well as maximize our corporate value.

Open IR activities

We value interactive dialogue with our shareholders and investors as well as ensuring accountability to our shareholders and investors through honest and fair information disclosure.

Proactive IR activities

By always incorporating new ideas into our IR activities, we strive to make KDDI known to more people and promote further knowledge of the Company.

Organized IR activities

Under the leadership of management, all of our officers and employees, including those of Group companies, engage in organized IR activities to further increase corporate value.

IR Activities in the Fiscal Year Ended March 31, 2017

Enhancing Communication

Earnings presentation meetings were held quarterly to allow management to directly communicate the Company's results. KDDI also held individual and small group meetings with investors from Japan and overseas, and participated in various conferences and seminars for individual investors sponsored by securities companies for better communication.
In recognition of our proactive disclosure of ESG-related information, KDDI was selected for inclusion in the FTSE4Good Index Series and MSCI Global Sustainability Indexes, a world-leading index for socially responsible investing. The Company has also been recognized by a variety of other outside parties.
KDDI takes the opinions expressed by shareholders and investors seriously, communicating them not only to management but also to employees in general. Such opinions are considered an extremely valuable reference in the formation of business and management strategies.

Results of IR Activities in the Fiscal Year Ended March 31, 2017

Individual meetings with institutional investors933
Financial results briefings4
Overseas road shows14
Seminars for individual investors65

Key External Reognition

  • FTSE4Good Index series

  • MSCI Global Sustainability Indexes
  • Euronext Vigeo World 120
  • Ethibel (R) Sustainability Index Excellence Global
In Japan
  • MS-SRI
  • Nadeshiko Brand, etc.

Active Information Disclosure

KDDI provides webcasts of its results presentations on its website, and also posts an English-language version of its results presentations. Earnings reports, financial statements and operational data, information related to ESG, including corporate governance, and other types of disclosure documents are made available. Information is prepared for use on multiple devices, including various web browsers, smartphones, and tablets.
KDDI's IR activities earned strong praise during the fiscal year ended March 31, 2017. We were recognized through the receipt of the "Internet IR Best Company Award in 2016," by Daiwa Investor Relations Co., Ltd. We also ranked fourth in the "Gomez IR Website Overall Ranking 2016" by Morningstar, Inc.

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