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A True Business Partner Contributing to Clients' Businesses

KDDI is responding to ongoing changes in the operating environment through liaisons with various corporate partners, providing one-stop services and solutions to contribute to clients' businesses.

Optimization of ICT Infrastructure in Step with Business Changes

KDDI builds ICT infrastructure supporting dramatically changing business environments in accordance with clients' business needs. We provide abundant one-stop services for networks, mobile, cloud, and audio to support clients' business environments. Customers can combine our various solutions for seamless use to create safe and secure ICT infrastructure as well as a stress-free business environment. KDDI always takes the client's viewpoint, considers the optimum answers for the client's business, and provides support solutions to make them a reality.

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Business Development through IoT

When building an IoT business environment, KDDI provides service solutions responding to use requirements by supporting a variety of needs. Examples of how we build frameworks for clients' businesses to progress smoothly include the "KDDI IoT Cloud Standard," which provides one-stop services from the sensors to the cloud and display functions, and the "KDDI IoT Cloud Creator," which uses an agile development method to take responsibility for the planning to building and release of clients' IoT services or systems. We will look beyond existing paradigms and seek to provide new services never seen before to contribute to expanding clients' businesses, such as the KDDI IoT Cloud "Toilet Occupancy Management" and KDDI IoT Cloud "Toilet Water-Saving Management" services to raise customer satisfaction around washrooms, or the KDDI IoT Cloud "Data Market," which enables companies to find hints for new business opportunities.

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Business Support for SME Customers

In addition to KDDI telecommunications services such as au mobile phones and fixed-line telephony, each company in the "KDDI MATOMETE OFFICE" group provides many other things that offices need, such as sourcing PCs and printers, revising layouts, and preparing disaster countermeasures. For example, for client companies that own company cars, KDDI supports clients' business efficiency by proposing "MATOMETE Kurumatics" car telematics with communications functions that reduce accident risk and lessen the burdens associated with vehicle management. By increasing office efficiency, reducing costs, and transforming operating environments through the creation of ICT environments, KDDI contributes to the business development of small and medium-sized corporate clients throughout Japan.

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Fully Supporting Clients' Business Transformations

In addition to supporting ICT solutions, KDDI generates new businesses and collaborates in creating solutions. For example, for a condominium developer client, KDDI not only provides communications, but proposes "Jibun Bank Home Loans" and "au Denki" to provide added value to the condominium and enhanced buyer satisfaction. KDDI provides optimum solutions by fully utilizing its group assets in this way to realize clients' business goals. KDDI will contribute to clients' business development as a business partner that creates business results.