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New Freedom―Making Individual Lifestyles Even Freer

au is making the everyday more convenient, enjoyable, and fulfilling as it fosters ever closer connections between the online and physical worlds. By helping customers select the devices that best meet their needs, we help them enjoy a host of content over optimized networks.

Comfortable at All Times, Everywhere

"au 4G LTE service" operating on the 800MHz ("platinum") band has now expanded actual coverage to reach 99% of all households in Japan [1]. In addition, we have introduced "carrier aggregation" (CA), the latest high-speed transmission technology which utilizes stacked signals on several frequency bands to achieve a maximum transmission rate of 370Mbps. Moreover, au smartphones allow the network to automatically respond to connections using either the 4G LTE service (with a maximum reception rate of 150Mbps) or WiMAX 2+ (220Mbps). Furthermore, in response to customers seeking reception improvements we offer the "Dempa Support 24" after-sales service in which service staff visit the customer's home to check reception and propose improvements and seek to further enhance communications quality in collaboration with technical divisions.

  • [1]
    Actual population coverage ratio is calculated using areas where communication is available in more than 50% of locations in approximate 500m x 500m sections used for the national census

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Discounts for Bundled Home Internet Connections and au Mobile Phone Service Packages

The "au Smart Value" package offers discount rates on au mobile phone or smartphone service to subscribers who use KDDI fixed-line service. The fixed-line service includes the "au HIKARI" phone package, as well as affiliated fiber-optic Internet service and cable TV service in the user's local area, from one of 144 CATV companies with 239 stations[2]. Single users can subscribe to "au Smart Value mine," which allows them to get discounts on an au smartphone and WiMAX 2+ router set. KDDI is expanding the wide range of specific service options that can be obtained with these packages, to meet the exact needs and lifestyle of the subscriber.

  • [2]
    As of April 14, 2016

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Making au Smartphone Services More Affordable, Enjoyable and Dependable

KDDI provides customers with a variety of services such as au smartphones and tablets that are affordable, enjoyable and dependable. "au Smart Pass" offers unlimited use of selected apps and content, special member benefits, and various features providing smartphone and data security. Various other entertainment services are also provided, including "Video Pass," offering unlimited viewing of movies, dramas and anime; "Uta Pass," which offers unlimited listening of hits from the past through to the latest songs; "Book Pass," with unlimited viewing of e-books including comics and magazines; and, "Disney Pass," which contains more than 10,000 items of Disney-related content that can be viewed without limit. In addition, with "News Pass," a smartphone news service app that started in June 2016, automatically selected news and information are delivered to customers using information analysis and transmission technology jointly developed by KDDI and Gunosy.

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"au STAR" - With You for the Long-Term

To express its appreciation for loyal subscribers, in August 2016 KDDI will launch a new subscriber program called "au STAR." This program will be available free to any au subscriber. Members receive an "au STAR Passport," which allows the member to make priority reservations at an "au shop." The "au STAR Royal" plan rewards its long-time customers by providing "WALLET points," based on the number of years they have subscribed to au services and past data volume charges. Throughout the year, special "au STAR Gift" items will be available to members only. These three services are only available to au STAR members. KDDI hopes that this will make customers satisfied to have chosen au services.

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au star

au Life Design Adds Freedom and Cost Savings to Lifestyles

KDDI’s services go beyond mere communications services and provide a variety of other services that support daily living, including payments, shopping, electric utilities and finance. By blurring the boundaries between the online and physical worlds, we are getting closer and adding enrichment and convenience to the lifestyles of each and every customer while offering them a host of value.

au Life Design

"au WALLET" Continues to Progress

Accepted around the world wherever MasterCard (R) is used, the "au WALLET Prepaid Card" can also be charged repeatedly and used as a prepaid e-money card. Customers earn "WALLET points" whenever they make e-money purchases or pay for monthly communications on their au mobile phones. Certain shops even offer bonus points. Accumulated points can be used to charge the "au WALLET Prepaid Card" for shopping from the next visit onward. They can also be used to pay communications charges, as well as toward discounts when switching phone models or making optional purchases. Depending on their needs and use trends, we offer customers the "au WALLET Credit Card" and "au WALLET Gold Card," which provide them with greater credit card savings and opportunities for accumulating more points.

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au WALLET Prepaid Card, au WALLET Credit Card, au WALLET Gold Card

"au WALLET Market" Makes Daily Lifestyles Richer

"au WALLET Market" is a shopping service that delivers items that make customers’ everyday lives a little richer. au shop staff help customers visiting their shop to purchase food, everyday items or luxury goods in line with their lifestyles to provide them with services that provide ease of mind for those who have not experienced online shopping. In addition, an online shopping service operated jointly with LUXA, Inc. provides limited time sales and other enjoyable settings for customers to discover new shopping items. "WALLET Points" can also be used to pay for the shopping on "au WALLET Market."

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"au Insurance & Loans" Will Support Household Budgets

KDDI started offering "au Insurance & Loans," a new type of financial service integrating the online and physical world in April 2016 in collaboration with business partner companies. We offer "au Life Insurance," providing simple guarantees for term insurance and lifelong medical insurance and "au P&C Insurance" providing everyday coverage for things like bicycles or pets, travel or accident insurance. In addition, "au Loans" offers the "au Housing Loan," which has attractive interest rates, a 50% Cancer Group Credit Guarantee at no charge for the premium, and in which some loan prepayments can be made free of charge. Qualified staff provide support for "au Insurance & Loans" by phone or in-person at shops [3].

  • [3]
    Face-to-face support offered only at specified au shop outlets.

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"au Denki" Offers Special Plans for Electric Power and Mobile Service Set Packages

In April 2016, KDDI launched a nationwide [4] electric power utility service, "au Denki." Two basic service plans are available- "Denki M Plan" for residences and "Denki L Plan" for stores and other businesses. Users who subscribe to the "au Denki Set Discount" for both electric power and au mobile phone or au smartphone service can receive rebates of up to 5% on their electric bill, depending on volume. This discount is available to all au Denki subscribers, and it applies during both peak power consumption periods and low consumption periods. Furthermore, the service includes a free "au Denki app," which sends information including power bill estimates and energysaving tips, to the subscriber's smartphone or PC, for easy confirmation.

  • [4]
    not available in Okinawa and some island locations

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