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Accelerating Efforts toward the Transformation

KDDI is currently undergoing a transformation into a "Life Design Company"―a company that provides various services tailored to customers' lifestyles. We will accelerate our efforts to expand the "au Economic Zone" by proposing new value to customers and developing life-enriching services. To do so, we will combine various forms of cutting-edge IT, leveraging our "au ID" customer base and our "au WALLET" and "au Simple Payment" settlement platforms.

au Life Design

1. Commerce Services

KDDI operates the general shopping mall website "Wowma!," offering popular and topical fashions, cosmetics, gourmet foods, and other everyday items, and "au WALLET Market," where customers can purchase carefully selected products from both au shops and the Internet. Looking ahead, we will work to meet our customers' diverse shopping needs by providing an even better line up of appealing products.

"Wowma!"―the online shopping mall that delivers the "wow" factor to every shopper, every day

2. Energy Services

KDDI provides the "au Denki" electricity supply service at a special low rate in combination with au communications services. The set subscription with au services returns points to the user while providing a useful app for easy access to information on electricity charges, usage amount , and energy saving tips. We will continue to provide even more efficient, convenient services using IT.

Get discounts through au with electricity, too, by using "au Denki"

3. Financial Services

KDDI's Group companies provide a wide range of financial services to meet customers' needs, including Internet banking, credit cards, insurance, and loans. In 2016, we launched "au Insurance & Loans," a new financial service combining the online and physical worlds. The new service has been highly rated. We will continue to develop services that provide better customer experience using IT.

The "au Insurance & Loans" service, launched in April 2016

4. IoT Services

In July 2017, we launched "au HOME," a consumer IoT service enabling people to check the status of their homes or communicate with family members from outside their homes. We will continue developing services that make life more convenient for our customers. We have also started research and development on nextgeneration 5G mobile communication systems that have a high affinity with IoT services, offering high speed, high capacity, multiple connections, and low latency. With these new systems, we aim to realize even more sophisticated IoT services.

Consumer IoT service "au HOME"