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KDDI Introduces "au Listen Mobile Service", Comprehensive New Music Service, with Compatible "CDMA 1X WIN" Series of 7 New Models
— Series to include a first of its kind with built-in high HDD capacity and new handsets from the 5th au design project —

KDDI Corporation
Okinawa Cellular Telephone Company


KDDI and Okinawa Cellular are pleased to announce the launch of "au Listen Mobile Service" or 'LISMO', a pioneering comprehensive music service suite that will allow au mobile phones and PC to seamlessly interact with one another. LISMO will roll out gradually from late January.

LISMO's "au Music Player" will enable users with mutually compatible handsets to exchange music play lists and make use of "Uta-tomo™", the music communication service, and enjoy music interactively with just a single handset.

LISMO's "au Music Port", a PC music management software which allows au mobile phones and PC to share music, will enable music download from the "DUOMUSIC STORE [1]", a new music downloading site created especially for PC, back-up EZ "Chaku-Uta Full®" on PC, and transfer files from CD to PC. In addition, "au Music Port" also forwards this music to compatible au handsets.

LISMO succeeds in providing a wide variety of services previously impossible with just a single handset and creates an environment where music can be enjoyed even more personally.

KDDI and Okinawa Cellular are also pleased to announce the introduction of 7 new LISMO - compatible "CDMA 1X WIN" series models will also launch gradually from late January. The new series, which includes au design project models, is equipped with a wide range of music functions, including a first-of-its-kind built-in 4GB high capacity HDD. All are compatible with "One Seg" services "EZ TV" and "EZ FeliCa". All models also come with infra-red communication functions [2] and cameras in excess of a mega-pixel, and are compatible with "EZ Navi Walk (voice de input)", which allows searches on train schedules and destinations to be carried out by voice commands, "Hello Messenger" which allows texts, photos and voices to be communicated in real time, "Safe Navi" and "EZ FM".

For more information on the new services and models, please refer to the au catalogue.

[1]  "DUOMUSIC STORE" will be launched in April this year.
[2]  Bluetooth™ installed model is excluded.

* Utatomo™ is a trade mark of Sony Corporations
* Chaku-uta ® and Chaku-uta Full® are the registered marks of Sony Corporations
* "FeliCa" is the contact-free type IC card developed by Sony Corporations. "FeliCa" is the registered mark of Sony Corporations.
Photo: 7 New Models

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