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"KDDI Metal Plus" Active Lines Top 2 Million


KDDI is pleased to announce the number of lines provided by KDDI Metal Plus, the Company's landline service, exceeded 2 million on May 15, 2006.

KDDI Metal Plus utilizes CDN [1], KDDI's high quality, proprietary IP network. The service's inexpensive base rate and flat transmission fee led the number of active lines to exceed 1 million in the ten months following its inception on February 1, 2005. The number of active lines exceeded 2 million in the succeeding five months in response to expansion of the service area.

[1]  CDN: Content Delivery Network - A distribution network that utilizes IP technology, large-capacity lines, etc., in the transmission of suitable video, audio, and other content.

Steps leading up to the 2 million line mark
February 1
Start of service
Number of lines exceeds 500,000
Number of lines exceeds 1 million
Number of lines exceeds 1.5 million
March 31
Number of lines exceeds 1.8 million
May 15
Number of lines exceeds 2 million

* Number of lines refers to the number of active landlines.

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