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KDDI Corporation
Credit Saison Co., Ltd.
JCB Co., Ltd.
Toyota Finance Corporation
UFJ Nicos Co., Ltd.


KDDI is pleased to announce the introduction of its 'KDDI THE CARD' credit card on June 1, 2006, in collaboration with Credit Saison Co., Ltd., JCB Co., Ltd., Toyota Finance Corporation and UFJ Nicos Co., Ltd. Applications for the card, which will have a Visa, MasterCard or JCB logo and can be used internationally, will be accepted from May 29, 2006.

As an added benefit for cardholders, KDDI will also introduce the 'KDDI Money Program', wherein points on purchases made with 'KDDI THE CARD', called 'KDDI Money', can be applied towards the card's service fees. KDDI hopes that the program, which will also allow cardholders to exchange points with each other, will make the Company's service even more convenient.

In addition, the card is compatible with QUICPay™, an all-purpose contactless IC payment service that enables cardholders to make payments easily and efficiently by holding the card up to a specialized scanner. It can also be used to make payments by mobile phone ('osaifu keitai').

To commemorate the card's launch, the Company will hold a 'KDDI THE CARD Birthday Campaign' between June 1 and August 31.

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