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KDDI Announces 'EZ GREE' Membership Crosses the 100,000 Mark

KDDI Corporation
Okinawa Cellular Telephone Company


KDDI Corporation is pleased to announce that membership for the mobile Social Networking Service (SNS) 'EZ GREE' crossed the 100,000th mark on November 23.

'EZ GREE' started on November 16 and has been well-received by customers for the convenience (e.g. writing and reading diaries and community entries anytime anywhere) as well as the various functions (e.g. profile customization) it provides as a mobile SNS.

KDDI and GREE will continue to utilize their respective know-how and reinforce the integration between GPS and the different services provided by au with SNS, to provide a mobile lifestyle for customers in which they are the sources of information themselves.

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