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Acquisition of an experimental license for mobile multimedia broadcasting technology (MediaFLO) <Attachment>

1. Outline
Configuration of MediaFLO Experimental Station

Figure: Configuration of MediaFLO Experimental Station

Real-time video content: Real-time video content from the program provider is converted to MediaFLO signals and transmitted in real time.

Pre-encoded video content: Video content already encoded for MediaFLO is stored on the server and repeatedly transmitted.

IP datacasting content: Non-video content such as news, weather, sports, and share prices is stored on the server and repeatedly transmitted.

Schedule: November 27, 2007 to March 31, 2009

Location: KDDI Designing Studio

2. Collaborators (Japanese syllabic order)
Test receiver collaboration
- LG Electronics Inc.
- Kyocera Corporation
- Sharp Corporation
- Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Test application (IP datacasting) collaboration
- Roundbox, Inc.

Test program collaboration (scheduled)
- AXN Japan Inc.
- Imagica TV Corp.
- NHK Enterprises, Inc.
- Kids Station Inc.
- Super Network, Inc.
- Star Channel, Inc.
- Space Shower Networks Inc.
- Nikkei CNBC Japan, Inc.
- News Broadcasting Japan Co., Ltd.
- Bandai Channel Co., Ltd.
- Bloomberg L.P.
- Yoshimoto Creative Agency Co., Ltd.

Reference: Outline of activities by MediaFLO Japan Planning Inc.
MediaFLO Japan Planning Inc. was established on December 27, 2005, for the purpose of considering the possibility of providing services using MediaFLO technology. (Capital: 450 million yen) The company's main activities to date are as follows.

(1)  Initiatives to acquire broadcasting frequencies
Participation in MIC committees and discussion meetings

(2)  Verification of markets and commercial feasibility
Consideration of business models based on market surveys

(3)  Examination of technology
Verification of field trial data on interference in accordance with Japan's radio situation, testing of transmission characteristics, etc.

Related information

KDDI has contributed to discussions by the FLO Forum regarding the standardization and dissemination of MediaFLO technology, and activities to further develop mobile multimedia broadcasting.

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