KDDI Announces Expansion of 'Global Powered Ethernet' Service

KDDI Corporation

April 3, 2008

KDDI is pleased to announce the expansion of its 'KDDI Global Powered Ethernet' service, a service which provides support for international data communications services for corporate customers, to include the U.K.. The service in the U.K. will begin on April 4.

'KDDI Global Powered Ethernet' is the first real web Ethernet service in Japan deploying L2 switches overseas, allowing intra-nets connecting several overseas points to be built economically, and enabling high-capacity international communications with high-quality lines.

Launched in the U.S. in September 2006, the service has also been made available in Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea and China. Recently, a new 'KDDI Global Powered Ethernet' L2 Switch was added in the U.K. (London), further improving the ability of the service to meet customer needs.

KDDI has now expanded to 12 points in eight countries in Europe, including U.K. (two points in London), France (two points in Paris), Germany (Frankfurt, Düsseldorf), Belgium (two points in Brussels), Netherlands (Amsterdam), Poland (Warsaw), Russia (St. Petersburg), and Switzerland (Geneva/KDDI Expat offices).

'KDDI Global Powered Ethernet' will continue to expand to meet increasing demand from customers worldwide for broadband communication and global intranets.

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