KDDI Introduces 12 New au Handsets

KDDI Corporation
Okinawa Cellular Telephone Company

June 3, 2008

KDDI and Okinawa Cellular are pleased to announce the introduction of 12 new au handsets models designed to offer greater enjoyment from sports, music, and video. In response to the diversifying lifestyles of their customers, KDDI and Okinawa Cellular will be rolling out the new models beginning in June.

The companies have established a broad lineup of products that meet the customer needs that include the 'Sportio', a compact model that is perfect for sports, 'Full-Chan Keitai re', which allows customers to fully change both the exterior and content of their handset to match their preferences, and the 'Wooo Keitai W62H', which has an organic electroluminescence display and 2Way open style making it perfect for viewing 'LISMO Video'.

In addition to the introduction of the flagship model 'Sportio', which was developed so that customers can gain greater enjoyment from running and walking, the 'au Smart Sports' service, which helps people better themselves through sports, has been dramatically improved. The three handset models with motion (acceleration) censors automatically measure the number of steps taken, distance, and calories burned, and include a calorie counter that makes it possible to easily check these figures on both the standby menu and main menu. Furthermore, customer will enjoy the new style BEAT RUN workout, where they match their steps to the music.

For customers who use their handsets for many years, the 'Full-Chan Keitai re' will be introduced along with the new 'Full Change' service, which allows customers to change both the exterior and content of their handsets. At the same time, the 'Naka-Chan' (Interior Change) service will be launched, and this service makes it possible for customers to completely change the content of their handsets for free at au Shops. Seven models are enabled to enjoy the service, which provides even more convenience since it is based on packages that include not only recommended sites and information but also menus and standby screens that are related to likings of customers and items such as lifestyle, characters, and games.

Furthermore, 'LISMO Video' will be launched in early June, and this service makes it possible for customers to watch full movies on their handset. The service is provided through handsets with large organic electroluminescence displays and allows customers to enjoy around 2,000 full-length titles, including Hollywood movies, overseas dramas, and anime in high-definition on their handset anytime and anywhere. The service is available for a total of 14 models-8 new models as well as 6 existing models [1].

Actual launch dates for each model will be announced separately.

  • [1] W56T, W54S, W54SA, W61SA, W61T, Cyber-shot™ Keitai W61S.

Photo: New Models

Photo: New Models

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